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Part-Time Student Aid

Part-time student aid assistance is available for students taking a course or two at a time. The main difference between part-time and full-time government student aid funding programs is that the part-time student aid program provides federal funds only from Canada Student Loans and Grants.

For more information, visit the Canada Student Grant for Part-Time Students page.

Application Process

Application Timeline:

Your part-time application must be received no later than 45 days before the end of your study period.

We recommend that you apply 6-8 weeks before your term starts if you rely on these funds to pay tuition. Part-time loans take longer to process, and it often take 4-8 weeks before students see any funding.

You must be registered for your courses with the costs showing on WebAdvisor before we are able to complete your part-time application.

Application Instructions:

Manitoba residents and most out-of-province students need to apply for part-time funds through a paper application.*

  1. Register for the courses you intend to take for the session (see FAQ's below for details).
  2. Download the form here: Part-time Loan and Grant Application. Scroll down to the  “Apply for part-time student grants and loans” section.
  3. Complete sections A to D of the Part-Time Application form. Save the PDF form.
  4. Email the partially completed form to the Awards & Financial Aid so we can complete Section E.
    • NOTE: We may only complete Section E by email. After we complete Section E, we will send the part-time application by email with instructions.
  5. Print the PDF, sign Section C in ink, and submit the completed application with supporting documents to the appropriate Provincial Student Aid branch for assessment.

*Students from Alberta, British Columbia or Ontario need to complete a provincial part-time application form. Visit the Out-of-Province Student Aid page for a link to your provincial student aid branch.

Course Load Requirements

Part-time students must be enrolled in a 20% - 59% course load to be eligible (unless approved for a reduced course load through permanent disability).

Students with a permanent disability that was verified through their province's student aid branch are considered part-time students if they are taking 20 to 39% of a full course load each term.

Contact us if you add or drop a course after submitting your part-time application. We can help amend your application or discuss your options.

Paying Tuition & Getting Your Money

Release of Funding for Part-time Student Aid Recipients

Once your application is assessed and approved, you will receive a Notice of Assistance and documentation to complete online.

The Awards & Financial Aid office will be contacted electronically to confirm your enrolment. At this time, we will report your course load and costs, and we will request that student aid send us funding to cover your outstanding balance. National student loans will deposit any remaining funds into the bank account you provided.

Paying Tuition with Government Student Aid

If you are relying on your Government Student Aid to pay your tuition, please note that you are still responsible for meeting the fee payment deadline dates established by Financial Services. Remember that student aid directly sends funds to the school for tuition owing when we confirm your enrolment.

NOTE: If your first disbursement does not cover your full tuition, you will have to pay the remainder by the fee deadline date to avoid late fees.

How do I access information on my part-time student aid?

Sign up for an online NSLSC account on CanLearn.ca and ensure that the NSLSC has your current contact information.

For information on your student loan(s), contact the NSLSC at 1-888-815-4514 (TTY 1-888-815-4556).

What you can do in your NSLSC account?

  • Confirm your enrolment
  • Change your address
  • Update your banking information
  • Make a one-time payment
  • Set up Pre-Authorized Debit
  • See your payments
  • Check your loan balance
  • View and customize your repayment options
  • Apply for repayment assistance
  • Get your tax slips

Frequently Asked Questions for Part-time Student Aid

Will my parents' income affect my loan?

No. As a part-time student, your parents' income will not affect your loan.

Will my spouse or partner's income affect my loan?

Yes, your spouse or partner's income is used to calculate your loan eligibility.

Will my children be factored into my funding amount?

Yes. If you have children under age 12 who live with you at least 50% of the time, you may qualify for the Canada Student Grant for Part-Time Students with Dependents.

Can I apply for a part-time student loan before I register in courses?

No. Unlike full-time student aid applications completed online, part-time applications require you to list out the courses you are currently registered in and the Awards & Financial Aid office must confirm your registration and costs.

If you do add a course later, you need to inform the Awards & Financial Aid office so we can amend your application with you.

Do waitlist courses count towards my enrollment?

No, waitlist courses are not reported when our office confirms your enrolment. Be sure you are registered in all the courses you want to take when you get your Section E completed by our office.