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Failure To Pay Fees

IMPORTANT: Ceasing to attend classes does not constitute a course drop. Failure to follow correct course drop procedures may result in a failing grade and a loss of tuition fee credit. In order to avoid charges, courses must be dropped on WebAdvisor in accordance with the Withdrawal Schedule.

Late Payment fine and Account Hold

Accounts with an overdue balance may be charged a standardized Late Payment fine of $80.00 in the week following the Add/Drop period.

Delinquent accounts will be place on HOLD until paid in full. A hold means that you cannot

  • Register for future courses
  • Drop courses online (please contact Student Central to withdraw from a course if you have a hold)
  • Receive official grades
  • Order transcripts and official letters
  • Graduate

Please note that overdue accounts paid by personal cheques will remain on hold for an additional 10 business days until the cheque has cleared.

Failure to Pay Fees

  • Students are financially and academically responsible for all courses in which they register.
  • Students who fail to pay their Fall and Fall/Winter course fees may be de-registered from their Winter Term courses. The University does not cancel students from on-going classes
  •  Students will have the option to re-register in courses (based on availability) once the outstanding balance has been paid.
  • Accounts that remain overdue for an extended period of time may be transferred to an authorized Collection agency.

Dishonoured Payments

The same actions may be taken when cheques in payment of student accounts are returned by the bank as non-negotiable, funds not cleared, account closed, etc. In addition a $45.00 NSF fee will be charged.