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Fall/Winter 2020-21 Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships
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How does our online application work?

Our online application is designed to help match you to scholarships, awards and bursary opportunities. Selection criteria can include academic record, financial need, student background, and/or extra-curricular activities.

  1. Information from your student record is automatically included in your application. That means we already have the details on your GPA, completed credit hours, major and other items from your student file. You can view this information by clicking on 'Applicant Record' located on the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Complete the General Application and tell us more about yourself. You will be asked questions about your financial need, student background, and academic goals. Completing the General Application is required to be considered for the awards currently available.
  3. Once your General Application is complete, you can complete the Fall Award Opportunities Application to apply for even more awards, bursaries, and scholarships.
  4. The online application will also generate a list of Recommended Opportunities that you may qualify for. Answer the questions specific to the Recommended Opportunities in order to apply.
  5. The online application will use information from your student record, General Application, Fall Award Opportunities Application, and any information gathered through applications to Recommended Opportunities to determine which awards you are eligible for. The Awards and Financial Aid office will review the applications and let you know via your UWinnipeg email if you are selected!
Need help? Check out the FAQs section. Or contact an Awards Officer at

Entrance Awards

2020-21 Open Applications

President's Scholarship for World Leaders: download the application form [PDF]

Applications are now closed for 2020-21 academic year Undergraduate, Graduate, and Collegiate applicants.

Next deadline: October 1, 2020 (Winter 2021 for PACE and ELP only)