Getting Your Money

Awards and Financial Aid

Awards received from The University of Winnipeg are applied to your UWinnipeg student account to help pay for your tuition, fees, etc.

Government Student Aid is applied directly to your tuition for Manitoba Student Aid and most out-of-province student aid recipients.

If you have a credit (negative) balance on your University of Winnipeg student account, a cheque to pay out the credit balance will be mailed to you as long as you maintain eligibility. See answers to commonly asked questions about account credits due to Government Student Aid or Award payments below.

If you have received an award that will be sent directly to the school to be applied to your student account, please send a scanned copy of the letter along with your Student ID number to We will post the award to your student account shortly after a copy of the letter is received.

If a cheque payable to the University had been sent to you, please mail the cheque and a copy of the accompanying letter to:
Awards and Financial Aid
The University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9

If you have received an award that requires the school to confirm your enrollment in order for it be released, please send a scanned copy of the letter along with your Student ID number to We will take care of the request within 2-3 business days.

Student accounts with credit due to award and/or government student aid payments are reviewed at the end of each term. Students who are deemed eligible to have their account credit paid out to them will be sent a refund by cheque at the end of term (December, April, August).

Students who are eligible for credit refunds are notified through UWinnipeg webmail shortly before the refund cheques are mailed. You are responsible for ensuring your mailing address is up to date.

Confirm or update your address as soon as you receive this notice. Failure to keep your address updated can result in delays.

If you have not maintained eligibility, money may be refunded back to the award fund and/or government student aid branch partially or in full. Students will also be notified through UWinnipeg webmail if this occurs. Refer to your award notification email or letter, or your government student aid documents for more specific information on eligibility.

You can quickly and easily update your address through WebAdvisor.

Select Current Students, and then under Academic Profile, select Address Change.

It is important you keep your contact information up to date on your student record so you can get your money as well as important and time-sensitive university communications.

First, update your address on WebAdvisor. Then, reply to the refund cheque email notification sent by our office to let us know you have now updated your address.

We will redirect and/or reissue your refund cheque (as long as it has not been cashed) as soon as possible. Please note, it can take up to a month or more for cheques to be re-issued.

Yes! If you require your refund sooner than term end, you are welcome to make an early refund request to our office. Email us your request and provide your full name, student ID number, and reason for your request (e.g., need the money for buying books or to cover your cost of living short-fall).

Depending on the type of funds received, the refund may be released in full, partially, or will have to wait until term end to be released. Early refund requests are reviewed every two weeks, and students are notified of the results shortly after review.

Please contact Student Central if you have inquiries about refunds and have not received an award and/or government student aid.