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Learning Opportunities and Facilities

WGS faculty members are leading several projects that students will find exciting and relevant to their studies. These projects provide learning opportunities for students through Research Assistantships, or participation in workshops and other scholarly activities.

Dr. Angela Failler:

Students particularly interested in working with questions of culture, representation, public history/memory, art, museums, or other cultural heritage sites -- including feminist, anti-racist, decolonizing and queer interventions into these practices -- should check out the following links and feel free to be in touch with Dr. Failler.  

Projects include:

  • Museum Queeries, an interdisciplinary research group that prioritizes Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, and queer contributions and interventions into museums and museum studies. 
  • The Centre for Research in Cultural Studies (CRiCS), a diverse team of interdisciplinary scholars from across the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Winnipeg (UW), with an impressive track record of cultural studies and social justice related research. 
  • Thinking Through the Museum: Difficult Knowledge in Public, which brings together researchers, curators, artists, and community members seeking new terms of engagement for learning from histories of violence and conflict.

Dr. Roewan Crowe:

Dr. Crowe creates space for and builds engaged feminist/queer/artistic communities. Their scholarly work seeks to open meaningful encounters with art through feminist engagement with a particular focus on artistic practitioner knowledges, collaboration, collectivity, and artistic processes.

Projects include:

  • Greenhouse Artlab, a new feminist artlab for making and thinking on the fifth floor of the UWinnipeg library. Read the UWinnipeg news story.
  • Return Atacama, a process-based trans-hemispheric collaboration. CONSTELACIONES traveled to Chile’s infamously storied Atacama Desert to return a large set of vibrant sculptural forms. 

Dr. Pauline Greenhill:

Work with Dr. Greenhill on research projects, assisting her and finding your own special place in the work!  She looks mostly at fairy-tale media (films, TV, and more), taking intersectional feminist perspectives.  With local, national, and international collaborators, she is exploring Canadian crime films; fairy tales and food; fairy tales on television; and fairy tales and justice issues.  She enjoys getting insights from undergraduate and graduate students.  Please join her!

Projects include: 

Dr. Sharanpal Ruprai:

Dr. Ruprai has a learning opportunity for two students with a keen interest in working on collaborative projects. As an interdisciplinary humanities scholar, her research and teaching interests include: indigenous and critical race feminism, religious and cultural studies and artistic practice. 

Projects include:

Dr. Fiona Green

Dr. Green’s current areas of research include exploring parenting practices that support the gender fluidity of children and examining privacy matters related to social media. 

Projects include:

Ta[l]king Care: Family Blog Lines

A collaborative website focussed on creating space for posts and discussion around decisions and topics of family digital talk. This is a learning opportunity for a student majoring in WGS who is particularly interested in and has knowledge working with social media platforms.