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Dr. Pauline Greenhill

Pauline  Greenhill Title: Professor
Phone: 204.786.9439
Email: p.greenhill@uwinnipeg.ca


1985 Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin.

1981 M.A., Memorial University of Newfoundland.

1976 B.A. Honours, Trent University.



The International Fairy-Tale Filmography 

Frozen Justice: Canadian Crime Films, Culture, and Society 



2019-2021 (principal investigator) Telling Justice Stories: Beyond the Courtroom. SSHRC Partnership Engage $25,000

2019-2024 (principal investigator) Fairy-Tale Justice in Old and New Media: Transforming Wonder. SSHRC Insight $232,398

2016-2020 (co-applicant) Frozen Justice: A Century of Crime in Canadian Film. SSHRC Insight $208,040

2018 Edited Book Award, Honor Book, Fairy-Tale Films Beyond Disney, Children’s Literature Association

2016 Edited Book Award, Recommended Book, Channeling Wonder, Children’s Literature Association


Canadian Women’s Studies Association: President-Elect, 1993-4; President, 1994-5; Past President, 1995-6.

Folklore Studies Association of Canada/Association Canadienne pour les Etudes de Folklore: Canadian Folklore canadien book review editor, 1990-1995; Canadian Folklore canadien (now Ethnologies), Associate editor, 1996-2003; Acting Secretary-Treasurer, 1999; Secretary-Treasurer, 2000-2005. President-Elect, President, Past-President 2010-2013.


Books (selected):

2020    Reality, Magic, and Other Lies: Fairy-Tale Film Truths. Detroit: Wayne State University Press. 

2020    (Jill Rudy, first author) Fairy-Tale TV (Routledge Television Guidebooks Series). New York: Routledge.  

2019    (Anita Best and Martin Lovelace, first co-authors/co-editors) Clever Maids, Fearless Jacks, and a Cat: Fairy Tales from a Living Oral Tradition. Logan: Utah State University Press. 

2018    (Jill Terry Rudy, Naomi Hamer, and Lauren Bosc, co-editors) The Routledge Companion to Media and Fairy-Tale Cultures. New York: Routledge. 

2017    (Steven Kohm, first editor, Sonia Bookman, co-editor) Screening Justice: Canadian Crime Films, Culture and Society. Winnipeg: Fernwood. 

2016    (Jack Zipes, co-editor & Kendra Magnus-Johnston, co-editor) Fairy-Tale Films Beyond Disney:  International Perspectives. New York: Routledge. 

2014    (Jill Terry Rudy, co-editor) Channeling Wonder: Fairy Tales on Television. Detroit: Wayne State University Press. 

2014    (Diane Tye, co-editor) Unsettling Assumptions: Tradition, Gender, Drag. Logan: Utah State University Press. 

2012    (Kay Turner, first co-editor) Transgressive Tales: Queering The Grimms. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press. 


Articles in refereed journals (selected):

2020    (Diane Tye, first author) “Foodways as Transformation in ‘Peg Bearskin:’ The Magical and the Realistic in an Oral Tale.”  Narrative Culture 7 (1): 98-118.

2016    “Team Snow Queen: Feminist Cinematic ‘Misinterpretations’ of a Fairy Tale.” Studies in European Cinema 13 (1): 32-47.

2016    (with Alison Marshall) “Racism and Denial of Racism: Dealing with the Academy and the Field.” Journal of American Folklore 129 (512): 203-224.

2015    “‘The Snow Queen’: Queer Coding in Male Directors’ Films.” Marvels & Tales 29 (1): 137-39.

2014    (Marcie Fehr, student co-author) “Folklorama, Brommtopp et politique: Mise au point sur les rituels et festivals postcoloniaux dans le Manitoba.” Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie 27: 225-39.

2014    Le piège d’Issoudun: Motherhood in Crisis.” Narrative Culture 1 (1): 49-70.

2014    “Wanting (To Be) Animal: Fairy-Tale Transbiology in The StoryTeller.” Feral Feminisms 2: 29-45. 

2014    (Steven Kohm, first author) “Little Red Riding Hood Crime Films: Critical Variations on Criminal Themes.” Law, Culture and the Humanities 10 (2): 257-78.

2013    (Steven Kohm, co-author).  Hoodwinked! and Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade: Animated “Little Red Riding Hood” Films and the Rashômon Effect.” Marvels & Tales 27 (1): 89-108.

2012    (Valentina Bold, co-author) “Frenchman’s Creek and the Female Sailor: Transgendering Daphne du Maurier.”  Western Folklore 71 (1): 47–67.

2011    (Steven Kohm, co-author) “Pedophile Crime Films as Popular Criminology: A Problem of Justice?” Theoretical Criminology 15 (2): 195-216.


Chapters in books (selected):

2019    “Sexes, Sexualities, and Gender in Cinematic North and South American Fairy Tales: Transforming Cinderellas,” in The Fairy Tale World, ed. Andrew Teverson, 248-259. London: Routledge.

2018    “Diana Thorneycroft’s Humanimal Art--Encountering Unconventional Fairy-Tale Embodiments.” In Diana Thorneycroft Black Forest (dark waters) exhibition catalogue, edited by Denis Longchamps, guest curator, 14-29.  Burlington: Lee-Chin Family Gallery, Art Gallery of Burlington.

2017    “Fairy-Tale Films.” In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature, edited by Paula Rabinowitz.  

2016    (with Jennifer Orme, co-author) “Teaching ‘Gender in Fairy-Tale Film and Cinematic Folklore’ Online: Negotiating Between Needs and Wants.” In New Approaches to Teaching Folk and Fairy Tales, edited by Christa C. Jones and Claudia Schwabe, 206-226. Logan: Utah State University Press.

2016    (Steven Kohm, co-author) “Fairy-Tale Films in Canada/Canadian Fairy-Tale Films.” In Fairy-Tale Films Beyond Disney: International Perspectives, edited by Jack Zipes, Pauline Greenhill, and Kendra Magnus-Johnston, 246-261.  New York: Routledge.

2016    Charivari DOI: 10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss587 3pp.; Fairy Tales DOI: 10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss079/full 4pp.; Oral Tradition DOI: 10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss168 4pp., in The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Nancy Naples, ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

2014    (Marcie Fehr, student co-author) “Three Dark Brown Maidens and the Brommtopp: (De)Constructing Masculinities in Southern Manitoba Mennonite Mumming” in Unsettling Assumptions, 16-37.

2014    (Emilie Anderson-Grégoire, student co-author) “‘If Thou Be Woman, Be Now Man!’ ‘The Shift of Sex’ as Transsexual Imagination,” in Unsettling Assumptions, 56-73.

2014    “‘If I Was a Woman as I am a Man:’ Transgender Imagination in Newfoundland Ballads,” invited paper in Changing Places: Feminist Essays in Empathy and Relocation, eds. Valerie Burton and Jean Guthrie, Toronto: Inanna Press.

2013    (Steven Kohm, co-author) “‘This is the North, Where We Do What We Want:’ Popular Green Criminology and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Films.” In Routledge International Handbook of Green Criminology, edited by Nigel South and Avi Brisman, 365-378. London: Routledge.

2012    (Emilie Anderson-Grégoire, student co-author and Anita Best, community co-author) “Queering Gender:  Transformations in ‘Peg Bearskin,” “La Poiluse, and Related Tales.” In Transgressive Tales: Queering the Grimms, edited by Kay Turner and Pauline Greenhill, 181-205. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

2011  “Men, Masculinities, and the Male in English Canadian Traditional and Popular Cultures,” in Canadian Perspectives on Men and Masculinities, ed. Jason A. Laker. Oxford University Press, 126-150.