C2C: Two Spirit & Queer People of Colour Call to Conversation with LGBT & Allies

If you still want to join the conference, please register in person at C2C 
at Riddell Hall at the University of Winnipeg beginning the morning of Friday, Oct. 20.
**C2C will be meeting in Riddell Hall, The University of Winnipeg**
Registration table opens at 8 a.m. on Friday, October 20

Please visit our Schedule page to see the complete agenda for C2C: Two Spirit & QPOC: A Call to Conversation with LGBT & Allies.

C2C Conference Poster

"C2C: Two-Spirit & Queer People of Colour: A Call to Conversation with LGBT & Allies" is a conference hosted by the University of Winnipeg (UW) in partnership with Two-Spirit People of Manitoba ( and QTPOC Winnipeg ( 

The conference is open to leading and emerging 2S people, QPOC, LGBT, and ally scholars, students, and community members throughout the conference October 20-22, 2017.

C2C is a plenary conference, organized around five main panel conversations with leading and emerging 2S people and QPOC.  The conference will foreground 2S and QPOC realities and focus on intersections between these communities.  C2C intends to bring together leading national and international 2S and QPOC scholars, and LGBTQ and cisgender heterosexual allies to engage in conversations that highlight where our communities intersect, what efforts are needed to reconcile our relationships, and celebration of our gifts and achievements.

Community consultation is central to C2C, and through our conversations we seek to identify key directions and re-directions for future research and activisim in solidarity with 2S, QPOC, and LGBTQ refugees.  C2C is an invitation to dialogue with community members about how to address the damage of the past where possible; and how to achieve better, more coalitionary community relations moving forward at the many intersections of systems of gender, sexuality, race, religion, spirituality, and culture. The three-day think-tank will focus on the themes of history, origin, and resurgence; family; education; institutions; and creative practice. Each theme will involve a panel conversation followed by small group breakout discussions.  C2C will conclude with a final plenary discussion of key learnings and recommendations that will guide the organizers in drafting a summit report charting our collective recommendations for research and scholarship in support of 2S/QPOC communities.

Contact C2C organizers, Drs. Chantal Fiola and Sharanpal Ruprai, at

NOTE: Our intention is to create a supportive and positive conference environment. We wish to reduce potential barriers to participation so that the conference can be an inclusive space for conversation.