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Women's and Gender Studies Student Association

Our purpose is to create community and safer space for students interested in or a part of Women’s and Gender Studies, a multidisciplinary area that critically analyzes a wide range of social, cultural, and political issues. We support students’ academic journeys (study groups, mentorship, peer review, reading groups). We benefit students who wish to have more in-depth conversations around gender, race, class, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, and more. We take an intersectional, analytical, and academic approach to exploring culture and society. We promote critical thinking and analytical skills in an environment that fosters community. We aim to create a radically inclusive space for students to connect with others with similar interests, discuss relevant topics, support each other in their academic journeys, and dismantle/smash/remove systems of oppression.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Student Association (WGSSA) is a group on campus that provides resources and events for students interested in women’s and gender studies, feminist theory, and related theories or disciplines. The WGSSA is composed of students who are majoring and minoring in WGS and is open to students from any field or background. Some examples of activities that they do are crafty and creative events, a reading group, and speakers. They are open to any ideas that students might have for future events.

Follow the WGSSA on social media to get in contact with them or stay up to date with their events and meeting date/times.

Email: uw.wgssa@outlook.ca
Instagram: @uw.wgssa