Shauna MacKinnon

Urban and Inner-City Studies

Shauna MacKinnon, Title: Associate Professor and Chair
Office: Room 129, 541 Selkirk Avenue
Phone: 204.988.7197


Expertise: Shauna has conducted research on social and economic issues for over 20 years with a focus on public policy, poverty and inequality.

Before joining UICS, Shauna was Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Manitoba for 8 years, where she coordinated research projects including the State of the Inner City Report, – an annual community-based participatory research project.

Shauna is currently a Co-Investigator of the Manitoba Research Alliance -– Partnering for Change –- Solutions to Aboriginal and Inner-City Poverty, a 7-year research project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.  She leads and conducts research in the Education, Training and Capacity Building research stream.

In addition to her research, Shauna is actively involved in several community initiatives and coalitions, advocating for policy change to address poverty and social exclusion.

Shauna MacKinnon Blog


Shauna teaches UIC 1001(3) - Introduction to Inner City Studies,  UIC 2220(3) - Urban Poverty and Policy, UIC 3210(3) - Community Organizing, and UIC 3220(6) - Advocacy Internship

Shauna MacKinnon Blog


Recent and upcoming publications include:

Decolonizing Employment: Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada’s Labour Market (2015). University of Manitoba Press.

Making the Case for an Aboriginal Labour Market Intermediary: A community-based solution to improve labour market outcomes for Aboriginal people in Manitoba.
 (upcoming, January 2015). Manitoba Law Journal: Underneath the Golden Boy.

Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada's Labour Market: Training and decolonization in a neoliberal age. (upcoming: August 2015) University of Manitoba Press.

Austerity, Job Training and Aboriginal People (2014) in Baines, D. & McBride S. (eds.), Orchestrating Austerity,  Fernwood Publishing.

Healing the Spirit First: Aboriginal second-chance learners. (2013) in Jim Silver (ed.) Moving Forward, Giving Back: Transformative Aboriginal adult education. Fernwood Publishing.

The Politics of Poverty in Canada (2013) in Social Alternatives, Vol. 32(1).