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Teacher's Pet

Welcome to Teacher’s Pet! Every two weeks, we introduce you to University of Winnipeg professors and their sweet, lovable pets.

If you would like to take part in our Teacher's Pet series, please email Naniece Ibrahim, Communications Officer, at n.ibrahim@uwinnipeg.ca. 

Meet our latest Teacher's Pets!

Dr. Jenny Heijun Wills and Sebastian

If Sebastian the Chinese Crested dog had one superpower, it would be using his cuteness to weasel out of trouble. Also known as Sebsy by those who love him, Sebastian’s favourite human food is LITERALLY anything he can find. His trick to getting food is by ricocheting himself off cabinets and walls onto the kitchen countertop.

Asked what Sebastian thinks of his human, he says: “I’m the main character. You’re blocking my light.” 

Learn more about Sebastian's human: Professor Dr. Jenny Heijun Wills, Department of English

melanie racette and chubbs

Dr. Melanie Racette-Campbell and Chubbs

Chubbs — or Chubbles — is an adorable pug who was rescued from a small town in Ontario where he was bred to be a show dog, but instead ended up living the easy life as a pet. Even though he’s small and round, Chubbs loves to go hiking with his human. The most important thing for Chubbs is loyalty — he loves to sit on his human’s lap and give her lots of love.

Asked what he thinks of his human, Chubbs says: “She should never go anywhere without me!”

Learn more about Chubbs' human: Assistant Professor, Dr. Melanie Racette-Campbell


Karen Ridd (Conflict Resolution Studies) with Zizou and Clovey 

Meet Zizou and Clovey! Separated by 12 years in age, these two are quite the couple. Zizou, whose bright orange colour has earned him the nickname ‘Handsome’ and ‘Pumpkin,’ is the oldest at 11 years old and LOVES to eat meat and fish. Clovey, meanwhile, is just 15 months old and, according to her human, is a study in chaos. She has a passion for knocking things off of shelves for fun.

Asked what they think of their human, Zizou says: “I love her.” Clovey says: “When she gives me Cheez Whiz and attention, it makes me forget about my plot for total world domination!”

Learn more about where Zizou and Clovey's human teaches: Conflict Resolution Studies.

Dr. Gina Sylvester with her cat Maxime

Dr. Gina Sylvestre (Geography) and Maxime

Fourteen-year-old Maxime is a beautiful Blue Point Siamese cat. Affectionately known as Max by her human, Maxime really, really, really dislikes the wind and, if she had one superpower, it would be to stop the wind. Her quirkiness doesn’t just end there — her favourite food is butter and nothing else will ever come close to it.

Asked what she thinks of her human, Maxime says: “She needs to CHILL.”

Learn more about Maxime's human: Assistant Professor Dr. Gina Sylvestre, Department of Geography

Dr. Alex Tepperman (Criminal Justice) and Berniece

Berniece is a beautiful one-year-old chihuahua from Union, South Carolina. She also goes by “Bernie” and “The Bernado,” which is a testament to her wild and unruly side. One of Berniece’s funny quirks is that she always has to carry around a gym sock like it’s a safety blanket. While she doesn’t chew on her sock, the natural wear and tear of daily life means her dad must provide a new one every month or two. Berniece is also a lover of human food — while she enjoys the odd banana slices, she really wishes she could have a steak dinner… maybe one day!

Asked what she thinks of her human, Berniece said: “His lap ALWAYS has a computer on it instead of me. Otherwise, he’s a great dad!”

Learn more about Berniece's human: Assistant Professor Dr. Alex Tepperman, Department of Criminal Justice

Dr. Amelia Curran (Criminal Justice) and Flossie

Flossie is an adorable seven-year-old short-haired Tabby who was adopted to her fur-ever home in 2015. Also affectionately known as Floss and Flo, Flossie LOVES to be outside. When she’s not laying around soaking up the sun, she goes on walks to the park or daycare with her family. When Flossie’s inside, she enjoys attacking her water bowls, spilling water all over the floor — how charming!

Asked what she thinks of her human, Flossie says: “She doesn’t let me outside enough!”

Learn more about Flossie's human: Instructor Dr. Amelia Curran, Department of Criminal Justice

Dr. Matthew Morison (Postdoctoral Fellow) and Gage

Gage LOVES to go for car rides, but not because he gets to look out the window. Instead, this adorable border heeler likes to go into the passenger seat foot area and roll around. It’s his favourite thing to do. A rescue all the way from Texas, the quickest way to become best friends with Gage is to buy him a small vanilla soft serve cone.

Asked what he thinks of his human, Gage says: “I like to go on runs with him, but I wish he would let me sleep in bed more often.”

Learn more about Gage's human: Dr. Matthew Morison, Mitacs Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Jason Hannan (Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications) and Stormy D

The elusive Stormy D was a teeny, tiny kitten when she was found in the bushes behind Wesley Hall in December 2017. She is very shy, but once she gets to know you, she’ll demand everything — food, cuddles, and lots of affection. When she’s not sleeping, Stormy D loves to race her human up and down the stairs and play fetch, like a dog, with her toys.

Asked what she thinks of her human, Stormy D says: “This human needs to feed me on time!”

Learn more about Stormy D's human: Associate Professor Dr. Jason Hannan, Department of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

Karen Zoppa (Religion and Culture) with Desmond and Shea

The bond between Shea and Desmond is unbreakable. Both dual citizens and born in Minneapolis, Shea is Desmond’s great grandmother and they love each other madly. When they’re not hogging their human’s bed and giving her about 10 inches of room to sleep, they love to eat roast turkey, cabbage, and carrots.

Asked what they think of their human, Shea says: “She’s my person.” Desi, meanwhile, says: “She is the person who gives me my favourite foods.”

Learn more about Desmond and Shea's human: Instructor Dr. Karen Zoppa, Department of Religion and Culture

Melanie Kampen (History) and Mabel

Mabel acts more like a cat than a dog. You can often find her lounging on top of the couch or standing on the windowsill watching birds fly by. Known as Table, Fabel, Label, Sabel, or anything else that rhymes with Mabel, this adorable two-year-old shih-tzu and toy poodle cross lives for her human’s homemade banana-oat treats. If Mabel had one superpower, it would be to transform into a rabbit so she can play with them outside.

Asked what she thinks of her human, Mabel says: “She sure does like to sit in front of this giant flickering light box.”

Katharina Maier (Criminal Justice) and Snow

Snow likes to help his humans keep the house organized. This charming golden retriever puppy is terrific at collecting all of the outdoor clothes scattered around the house. Adopted during the first snowfall of this winter, his name came naturally. Besides going for walks in the snow, Snow loves playing with sticks, balls, and the wooden swing in his family’s backyard. He’s also a connoisseur of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Asked what he thinks of his human, Snow says: “She’s at home ALL the time. I wonder what she does for a living?”

Learn more about Snow's human: Assistant Professor Dr. Katharina Maier, Department of Criminal Justice

Karina Kachur (Biology) and Molly

Molly is a LOUD sleeper. You can often find this loveable six-year-old terrier yipping and scratching her bed as she dreams. A rescue from the Red Lake region in Ontario, Molly, or Molly Bolly as she’s affectionately known, loves blueberries and Cheerios when she’s craving a snack.

Asked what she thinks of her human, Molly says: “She’s a pretty good dog parent because she lets me snuggle up with her on the pillows every morning.”

Learn more about Daisy's human: Instructor Karina Kachur, Department of Biology

Dr. Laura Sokal (Education) and Daisy

If Daisy created Canada’s Food Guide, there would only be two food groups: vegetables and Goldfish Crackers. This quirky and beautiful eight-year-old Cavachon, who’s also known as Daisy Chain, was adopted by her human from a farm in Altona. Besides her love of cheddar crackers, Daisy also enjoys delving into a good podcast with her human. In fact, it’s her favourite thing to do when they go for walks together.

Asked what she thinks of her human, Daisy says: “She’s a good cuddler, but talks too much.”

Learn more about Daisy's human: Professor Dr. Laura Sokal, Faculty of Education

Dr. Lenore Szekely (Religion and Culture) and Bunny

Bunny — or Bun if you know her well enough — is the sweetest two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier you’ll ever meet. She was adopted at 11 months old by a family that didn’t know what they were getting into with this quirky pup. The easiest way to become Bunny’s best friend is through food, especially if it's cheese. And if she doesn’t get her favourite treat when she wants, she’s known to steal her family’s belongings and hold them ransom until she does.
Asked what she thinks of her human, Bunny said: “She’s well trained, but there’s still room for improvement.”

Learn more about Bunny's human: Assistant Professor Dr. Lenore Szekely, Department of Religion and Culture