Employee Training Objectives

Creating a Cooperative & Diverse Work Environment

Creating a cooperative and diverse work environment that can deliver excellent food services will require that we have effective on-going training initiatives at Diversity. Our specific social objectives are to provide job and ownership opportunities in the food industry for new Canadians, Aboriginal people, community residents and those who are “hard-to-employ.”

The fundamental aims and objectives of our on-going training initiatives involve recognizing and guiding motivated employees along an intentional personal and employment development strategy. By placing a high priority on staff development we hope to achieve and maintain excellence in food services as well as build personal satisfaction and self-worth.

Ensuring Training & Development

We hope to meet our current and future business challenges by ensuring that training and development is accessible to all employees in a cost-effective, equitable, and timely fashion. The ongoing employability of our workforce in a continuously changing environment is the driving force behind our goals for short-term and long-term training and development. Staff development is critical, and the focus on training will contribute to providing a work environment that affirms and supports the development of all employees to “be all that they can be.”

Developing and maintaining high-quality training and mentoring work environment for a diverse group of employees will allow us the opportunity to both enhance the quality of food services and to develop competencies in each employee. In order to meet our objectives and timeframes we will continue to see employment at Diversity as training ground that will speak to both job related skills (tasks, duties) as well as to employability skills (communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution). We anticipate that the employment training we can offer will have a significant social and economic impact on each individual as well as the larger community.