Joint Venture

Diversity Food Services is a joint venture of the University of Winnipeg's Community Renewal Corporation (UWCRC) & SEED Winnipeg to deliver excellent food services to the University of Winnipeg while providing meaningful employment and ownership opportunities for the community. Together our specific community objectives include job opportunities in the food industry for new Canadians, Aboriginal people, community residents and University students. Diversity's mission is to provide food services that demonstrate the desire to meet the goals of sustainability at the University within a work environment that reflects a high level of training for the diverse group of employees. We believe that together we can both enhance the quality of food services and develop competencies in all our employees.

University of Winnipeg's Community Renewal Corporation

The University of Winnipeg's Community Renewal Corporation's (UWCRC) mandate is to work towards developing a sustainable University community that is attractive to the faculty, staff, students, and the greater community. With the acceptance of the food services responsibilities, the UWCRC is committed to planning services that embrace the University's Campus Development Plan by actively developing partnerships with community, private and public sector organizations.

SEED Winnipeg Inc.

SEED Winnipeg is a non-profit agency whose mandate it is to combat poverty and assist in the renewal of primarily inner-city communities by providing capacity building services that assist low-income individuals, groups, organizations and economically distressed neighbourhoods improve their social and economic vitality. SEED helps individuals and groups start small business and save money for future goals. By offering business management training, individual consulting and asset building programs, SEED has been instrumental in changing the course of many lives in the inner-city.