Kitchen Standards

Fruit Cup

Kitchen Standards include that:

• We procure everything as locally and as sustainably as we possibly can

• Our beef and pork are premium natural products

• All of our chicken is raised without the use of antibiotics

• We are an Ocean Wise certified restaurant group, and ALL of our seafood is procured following the standards outlined by the Vancouver Aquarium program.

• We engage local artisan vendors who can provide the quantity and quality of culinary products expected by our guests

• All stocks, sauces and dressings are made from scratch

• We do not use products that contain MSG

Kitchen Statement of Values:

• We encourage openness and creativity; the sharing of thoughts, ideas and new concepts

• Our menus are produced with sustainable, local and organic products whenever possible using healthy cooking methods

• Our goal is to educate our staff, customers, vendors and ourselves about the food experience and the effect it has on our global community

• We commit to continually evolve our business model to improve service, quality and efficiencies