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3-Year & 4-Year BA Programs

Whether you’re in the boardroom or in the office, the study of economics can make a difference. Economics will help you understand how economies work, how people further their goals, and how governments and businesses make decisions.

An economics degree will provide you with more than an understanding of how markets and economies function; it will provide you with insight into a number of questions involving politics, law, history, environment, development and resource use. The world is changing, the demands of employers are changing and challenges that were once local are now global.

At The University of Winnipeg, an Economics degree means getting ready for the future, offering students a range of flexible skills that helps them to grow. Students may obtain an Economics Major through the 3-Year BA, the 4-Year BA or the BA Honours degree program. Students taking an undergraduate degree in another Major may choose to add a Minor in Economics as a secondary area of interest