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I am interested in a number of areas of study.  Is it possible to combine Economics with other subject areas?
Yes. For students who wish to combine Economics with course work in a related or complementary area,  the University of Winnipeg has recently introduced a Minor System. A Minor in a subject area is 18 credit hours in a second Department or Program. Suggested Minors for students who are majoring in Economics might include Mathematics, Statistics, Politics, Environmental Studies, Business, IDS, or Psychology to name a few. A Minor in Economics is also available for students majoring in other Departments or Programs. In addition to a Minor System, the University of Winnipeg and Department of Economics provide for Combined Majors as well as Double Majors and Double Honours degrees.

If I decide to switch from a 3 year degree to a 4 year degree in Economics, would I have to start over?
No. For students who might be interested in a 4 year degree in Economics, an Economics and Finance degree or an Honours Economics degree, we recommend that students register for at least  3 credit hours in Calculus and 3 credit hours in Statistics.  This approach allows the maximum flexibility for students wishing to switch from a 3 year degree to a 4 year degree.

Do all Economics courses require calculus or statistics?
Calculus and statistics at the university level are only required for  Econ-2201(3) Intro Math Econ and Econ-3201(3)  Intro to Econometrics, and for Honours level courses. In general, our first, second and third year courses require only basic skills in algebra and geometry which are acquired in high school. However, employers frequently look for strong analytical skills in potential job candidates, so we recommend that you consider taking calculus and statistics courses as part of your degree.

Do I need a Master’s degree in Economics to get a job after I graduate?
No. Students who have graduated with the 3 year or 4 year degrees in Economics have been very successful in the job market. However, many students have gone on to complete a Master's Degree and obtain employment in Government and the private sector. For information about what our Alumni are doing, see our Student Successes page.

I am interested in working in the financial services industry,  should I study Economics?
Yes. We offer a program in Economics and Finance, which combines coursework in Economics, Business and Finance to provide the skills required for pursuing successful careers in the financial services industry.

I am considering a career as an academic. Is it possible to prepare for such a career at the University of Winnipeg?
Yes. The Honours program in Economics at the University of Winnipeg has a proven track record of placing its graduates in the best graduate programs, often with substantial scholarships. Several of our former students are working as academics throughout North America.