Economics - Undergraduate

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Notice for Prospective Students

1st year Introductory Courses

1102(3) Introduction to Economics: Micro
1103(3) Introduction to Economics: Macro
1104(3) Introduction to Economic Theory (for non-Economics Majors)
1106(3) Introduction to Economic Development (for non-Economics Majors)
1201(3) Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business

2nd year Intermediate Level Courses

2102(3) Intermediate Economics: Macro
2201(3) Introduction to Mathematical Economics
2301(3) Introduction to the Theory of Financial Systems
2302(3) Introduction to Monetary Economics and Banking
2303(3) Labour Economics
2304(3) Income Distribution and Industrial Relations
2305(3) Canadian Economic History
2306(3) Canadian Economic Development
2311(3) Economics of Natural Resource Extraction
2317(3) Environmental Economics
2318(3) Energy Economics
2819(3) Corporate Finance I  cross-listed with BUS-2819(3) 
2820(3) Corporate Finance II  cross-listed with BUS-2820(3)

3rd year Specialized Courses

3104(3) Modern Microeconomics for Economics and Business
3120(3) Microfinance in Theory and Practice    
3201(3) Introduction to Econometrics
3301(3) International Trade
3302(3) International Finance
3303(3) Economics of Public Expenditures
3304(3) Economics of Taxation
3305(3) Economic Development
3306(3) International Aspects of Economic Development
3307(3) Industrial Organization and Competition Policy
3308(3) Regulation and Public Enterprises
3310(3) Economics of Health Care in Canada 
3311(3) Government Policy Toward Business
3315(3) Urban Economics
3316(3) Cost-Benefit Analysis
3317(3) Asia Pacific Economics
3319(3) Managerial Economics
3320(3) Managerial Finance  cross-listed with BUS-3320(3) 
3321(3) History of Economic Thought I
3322(3) History of Economic Thought II
3819(3) Advanced Corporate Finance 

4th year Honours Level Courses

4103(3) Microeconomics
4104(3) Macroeconomics
4105(3) Advanced Microeconomics
4106(3) Advanced Macroeconomics
4201(3) Econometrics 
4203(3) Topics in Mathematical Economics
4303(3) Topics in Applied Economics
4306(3) Topics in Economic Development
4307(3) Topics in Macroeconomics
4310(3) Topics in International Economics
4311(3) Topics in the History of Thought: Keynes
4313(3) Topics in Industrial Organization and Competition Policy
4314(3) Topics in Public Economics
4316(3) Topics in Regulation and Competition Policy    
4317(3) Topics in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
4800(3)  Investments
4801(3)  Options, Futures & Derivatives  
4411(3) Advanced Reading Course in Economics
4412(3) Advanced Reading Course in Economics

Notice for Prospective Students

The course MATH-0040 Pre-Calculus for University Access is designed to provide the necessary mathematical background in Pre-Calculus for High School students, lacking this prerequisite. Once this course is taken, then students interested in Economics can take Intro Statistics and Intro Calculus, which are required courses for a number of degree programs in Economics, including the Economics and Finance program.