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Faculty Members

Department Chair:
Soham Baksi Soham Baksi, Professor and Chair
Office: 4BC20
Phone: 204.258.2945
Email: s.baksi@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Environmental Economics, International Trade
Faculty Members:
Haifeng Chen, Term Instructor
Office: 4BC09
Phone: 204.786.9833
Email: hf.chen@uwinnipeg.ca
Luc Clair Luc Clair, Associate Professor
Office: 4BC08
Phone: 204.789.4216
Email: l.clair@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Nonparametric Econometrics, survey statistics, health care equity
Philippe Cyrenne Philippe Cyrenne, Professor
Office: 4BC14
Phone: 204.786.9228
Email: p.cyrenne@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Industrial Organization and Regulation, Public Economics, Finance and Energy Economics
Publications and other information
Stefan Dodds Stefan Dodds, Associate Professor
Office: 4BC24
Phone: 204.786.9910
Email: s.dodds@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Public Policy
Xiao-yuan Dong Xiao-yuan Dong, Professor
Office: 4BC12
Phone: 204.786.9307
Email: x.dong@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Economic Development, Econometrics and Applied Microeconomics
Publications and other information
Research Profile [PDF]
Gabriel Dragan, Term Instructor
Office: 4BC29
Phone: 204.258.3819
Email: g.dragan@uwinnipeg.ca
Hugh Grant Hugh Grant, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics
Office: 4BC59
Phone: 204.786.9856
Email: h.grant@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Economic History, Labour, Health Economics
Publications and other information
Dennis Ng Dennis Ng, Instructor
Office: 4BC06
Phone: 204.988.7621
Email: de.ng@uwinnipeg.ca
Melanie O'Gorman Melanie O'Gorman, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair
Office: 4BC16
Phone: 204.786.9966
Email: m.ogorman@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Macroeconomics, Economic Development, Political Economy Website
Manish Pandey Manish Pandey, Professor, Acting Associate Vice-President, International and Acting Dean of Graduate Studies
Office: 1RC027
Phone: 204.786.9289
Email: m.pandey@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth & Development
Publications and other information
Melanie O'Gorman Amrita Ray Chaudhuri, Professor
Office: 4BC10
Phone: 204.258.2940
Email: a.raychaudhuri@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics and International Trade
Publications and other information 
James Townsend James Townsend, Associate Professor
Office: 4BC26
Phone: 204.786.9317
Email: j.townsend@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: International Trade, Labour Economics
Publications and other information
Yiwen Wang Yiwen Wang, Assistant Professor
Office: 4BC25
Phone: 204.258.2984
Email: yi.wang@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: International Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Jie Zhou Jie Zhou, Associate Professor
Office: 4BC28
Phone: 204.786.9394
Email: j.zhou@uwinnipeg.ca
Areas: Household Finance, Portfolio Choice, Real Estate Finance, Pensions and Retirement Savings
Emeritus Faculty:
Sohrab Abizadeh Sohrab Abizadeh, Professor Emeritus