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Master of Arts in Applied Economics (MAE)

An Overview

What is the economic impact of climate change? How can our health care system be improved? Now that cannabis is legalized, how do we regulate it? What financial instruments are key for diversifying risk in our modern economy? How can economic development be spurred in First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities?  

These are some of the important questions investigated in the Master of Arts in Applied Economics (MAE) at the University of Winnipeg. As a MAE student, you will obtain proficiency in economic analysis, and apply this knowledge to contemporary economic policy issues in Canada and abroad. Students will learn how economics informs policy in a variety of fields, including regulation, health care, environmental policy, poverty, labour issues and finance. 

The demand for professional economists with strong analytical skills and practical knowledge in the area of policy analysis has been growing. The MAE program caters to this demand on the part of employers, whether in the public, private or nongovernmental sectors. 

The MAE Program is normally completed over the course of one calendar year. Students may choose to pursue a general degree, or to complete a concentration in either Policy Analysis or Environmental, Resource and Development Economics. 

MAE Program Factsheet [PDF]

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