Graduate Level Economics Courses - Eligible Electives

Economics - Graduate (ERDE)

The following courses may be taken by ERDE students as Electives (credit hours for each course are provided in parentheses):


  • ECON-4203(3) Topics in Mathematical Economics
  • ECON-4303(3) Topics in Applied Economics
  • ECON-4307(3) Topics in Macroeconomics
  • ECON-4310(3) Topics in International Economics
  • ECON-4311(3) Topics in the History of Thought: Keynes
  • ECON-4313(3) Topics in Industrial Organization and Competition Policy
  • ECON-4314(3) Topics in Public Economics
  • ECON-4316(3) Topics in Regulation and Competition Policy

Aboriginal Governance

  • AG-7020(3) Indigenous Governance and Self Determination
  • AG-7023(3) Comparative Dimensions of Aboriginal Governance
  • AG-7024(3) Land Claim and Self-Government Negotiations
  • AG-7028(3) International Approaches to Indigenous Governance


  • BUS-4940(3) Emerging Markets and Business Practices

Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy

  • GBIO-7103(3) Bioscience and Policy
  • GMULT-7219(3) Summer Institute in Infectious Disease


  • HIST-4530(6)/GHIST-7517(6) – Advanced Studies in Canadian Social History
  • HIST-4910(6)/GHIST-7903(6) – History of Health and Disease

Peace and Conflict Studies

  • PACS 7020 Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • PACS 7150 Human Security and Human Rights
  • PACS 7250 Peacebuilding and Social Justice
  • PACS 7540 Gender, Conflict and Peacemaking
  • PACS 7560 Restorative and Social Justice

Environmental Studies & Sciences

  • ENV-4611(6) Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ENV-4614(3) Critical Environmental Issues


  • GEOG-4403 Urban Land Use Developmental Processes
  • GEOG-4407 Advanced Tourism and Recreation Geography
  • GEOG-4441 Advanced Studies in Environmental Perception

International Development Studies

  • IDS-4110(6) Development Theory
  • IDS/CRS-4920(3) Program Planning in Development and Conflict Resolution
  • IDS/CRS-4922(3) Program Evaluation in Development and Conflict Resolution

Master's in Development Practice (MDP) Program

  • GDP-7709(6) Indigenous Thought and Worldviews: Sustainable Understandings
  • GDP-7721(3) Theories and Methods of Program Planning and Evaluating
  • GDP-7722(3) Indigenous Research Methods
  • GEOG/GDP-7750(3) Managing for Environmental Stability
  • GDP-7702(3) Human Security and Indigenous Development
  • GDP-7703(3) Indigenous Education in an Era of Globalization
  • GDP-7704(3) Health and Sustainable Development
  • GDP-7750(3) Environment and Sustainability
  • GDP-7706(3) Leadership and Human Resources Management
  • GDP-7790(3) Special Topics in Indigenous Development Practice


  • POL-4605(3) Directed Readings
  • POL-4410(3) Seminar in Women in Politics
  • POL-4515(6) Inner City Seminar
  • POL-4505(6) Politics of Urban Planning
  • POL-4400(6) Seminar in Canadian Politics
  • POL-4440(6) Seminar in Aboriginal Politics

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  • GEOG-4232(3) Conservation
  • GEOG-4441(3) Advanced Studies in Environmental Perception