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Digitally-Supported Research Opportunities for Undergraduates in Classics

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Classics Library in the Common Room (4G07)

Digitally-Supported Research Opportunities for Undergraduates in Classics

Lace: Greek OCR

Lace is a project that currently produces accessible and free ancient Greek texts. Students with very little knowledge of ancient Greek (even as early as the second week of first-year Greek) can take part in this research project. It offers great opportunities to improve one's language skills: students learn to identify and recognise Greek letters and to enter it into a website. It provides excellent training in working not only with ancient Greek as a language, but also with raw data.

The Homer Multitext Project

The Homer Multitext project seeks to present the Homeric Iliad and Odyssey in a critical framework that accounts for the fact that these poems were composed orally over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of years by countless singers who composed in performance. The evolution and the resulting multiformity of the textual tradition, reflected in the many surviving texts of Homer, must be understood in its many different historical contexts. Using technology that takes advantage of the best available practices and open source standards that have been developed for digital publications in a variety of fields, the Homer Multitext offers free access to a library of texts and images and tools to allow readers to discover and engage with the Homeric tradition. A recent report says only 5% of Byzantine science manuscripts have been published, and this project offers students the opportunity to unlock these treasures for all time!

The Tesserarum Sisciae Sylloge project

The aim of the project is to present an electronic corpus, i.e. a free access online digital database to the largest collection of Roman commercial tags preserved in the world, namely the collection of tesserae from Siscia. This project provides students with the opportunity to see and to transcribe these tags written in Latin!

Research Resources

Bibliography and Citation Guidelines [PDF]

This printable document provides instructions when and how to reference both modern and ancient sources in academic writing.

Essay Research Guide

This site provides information on how to find research materials in the University of Winnipeg's library for research essays in Classics courses. It includes links to useful websites as well as call numbers for standard reference works.

Loeb Classical Library

The Loeb Classical Library contains all the major works of ancient Greek and Latin literature, featuring the original Greek or Latin with recent, authoritative English translations on facing pages. Go and see which authors and works are there - everything from Homer's Iliad to Plautus' Miles Gloriosus to Dio Chrysostom's Encomium on Hair.

Texts and translations online

Perseus Hopper

This site provides many of the works of both Greek and Roman authors in the original languages and in translation. It also provides a link to the Duke databank of documentary papyri.

Lacus Curtius

This site provides translations of major Greek and Latin works of importance to the study of Roman history. Original Latin is provided for some authors. 

Bibliographic Databases

L’Année Philologique

This is a comprehensive bibliographic resource for publications in Classics since the early twentieth century.

NOTE: You must be a registered student, staff, or faculty member of the University of Winnipeg to be able to gain access through the UWinnipeg library.


Bibliography specifically related to the study of women and gender in antiquity is available through this site.


There are many professional associations devoted to furthering our knowledge of antiquity and disseminating research.  Many mount annual conferences (the hosting city varies from year to year), put on dedicated panels at conferences, or host lecture series throughout the academic year.  Many of the associations also offer scholarships or awards to outstanding students, or provide other opportunities for students to advance their studies (the Classical Association of Canada, for example, runs annual, nation-wide translation competitions in ancient Latin and Greek for undergraduate students, in addition to an annual essay writing competition).  Links to the major North American (and local Western Canadian) associations are provided below.  All offer membership to students at reduced annual rates; members receive the associations’ publications, in the form of journals or newsletters.

Degree Planning

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Anti-racist Teaching and Research Materials for Classics

Black-Centred Resources for Ancient Mediterranean Studies [Google Docs]

Multiculturalism, Race & Ethnicity Classics Consortium Principles of Antiracist Teaching and Reflection [Website]

Job/Volunteer Postings

Teaching Assistant (TA) positions are now posted for Fall 2022. The positions will close on September 7, 2022.

CLAS-1011-002: Greek Society
Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Warren Huard
September 13-December 21, 2022 
View details or apply online

CLAS-1100-001: Intro Latin 1
Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Racette-Campbell
September 13-December 21, 2022
View details or apply online

CLAS-1200-001: Intro Greek 1
Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Warren Huard
September 13-December 21, 2022
View details or apply online

CLAS-2003-001: Roman Art and Architecture
Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Heather Barkman
September 13-December 21, 2022
View details or apply online

CLAS-2301/HIST-2080-001: History of Archaic Greece
Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Warren Huard
September 13-December 21, 2022
View details or apply online

CLAS-2701-001: Classical Mythology
Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Natalie Swain
September 12-December 21, 2022 
View details or apply online

CLAS/KIN-2850-001: Medical Terminology
Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Warren Huard
September 13-December 21, 2022
View details or apply online

Undergraduate Student Journals

Corvus Journal of Classics and Ancient History
Carleton University Classics Society

Animus Classics Journal
University of Chicago

University of Winnipeg

The Haley Classical Journal
Hamilton College

Classics Library in the Common Room (4G07)

We've added a number of new volumes to the collection that's housed in the common room in Graham Hall!

New books for Classics Library on a table in common room; list of titles available on webpage

New arrivals in March 2022:

A Cultural History of Gardens in Antiquity. Kathryn Gleason, ed. Bloomsbury, 2016.

A Guide to Latin Elegy and Lyric. Barbara K. Gold and Genevieve Liveley. Wiley Blackwell, 2021.

Age of Bronze, Volume 2: Sacrifice, Book 2. Eric Shanower. Image Comics, 2020.

Age Bronze, Volume 3A: Betrayal, Part One. Eric Shanower. Image Comics, 2013.

Age Bronze, Volume 3B: Betrayal, Part Two. Eric Shanower. Image Comics, 2013.

Ancients and Moderns Series:

  • Death: Antiquity & Its Legacy. Mario Erasmo. I.B. Tauris, 2012.
  • Gender: Antiquity & Its Legacy. Brooke Holmes. I.B. Tauris, 2012.
  • Race: Antiquity and Its Legacy. Denise Eileen McCoskey. Bloomsbury, 2019.

Lore Olympus: Volume One. Rachel Smythe. Del Rey, 2021.

Olympians (comic series):

  • Zeus: King of the Gods. George O’Connor. First Second, 2010.
  • Athena: Grey-Eyed Goddess. George O’Connor. First Second, 2010.
  • Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory. George O’Connor. First Second, 2011.
  • Hades: Lord of the Dead. George O’Connor. First Second, 2012.
  • Poseidon: Earth Shaker. George O’Connor. First Second, 2013.
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of Love. George O’Connor. First Second, 2014.
  • Ares: Bringer of War. George O’Connor. First Second, 2015.
  • Apollo: The Brilliant One. First Second, 2016.
  • Artemis: Wild Goddess of the Hunt. George O’Connor. First Second, 2017.
  • Hermes: Tales of the Trickster. George O’Connor. First Second, 2018.
  • Hephaistos: God of Fire. George O’Connor. First Second, 2019.
  • Dionysos: The New God. George O’Connor. First Second, 2022.

Punderworld, Volume One. Linda Sejic. Top Cow Productions, 2021.

Cambridge Companions:

  • The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Athens. Jennifer Neils and Dylan K. Rogers, eds. Cambridge University Press, 2021.
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Nero. Shadi Bartsch, Kirk Freudenburg, and Cedric Littlewood, eds. Cambridge University Press, 2017.
  • The Cambridge Companion to Catullus. Ian Du Quesnay and Tony Woodman, eds. Cambridge University Press, 2021.
  • The Cambridge Companion to Sappho. P.J. Finglass and Adrian Kelly, eds. Cambridge University Press, 2021.

The Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek. Evert van Emde Boas et al. Cambridge University Press, 2019.

The Cambridge Greek Lexicon: Volumes I and II. J. Diggle et al, eds. Cambridge University Press, 2021.

The Greek Trilogy of Luis Alfaro: Electricidad; Oedipus El Rey; Mojada. Luis Alfaro. Rosa Andújar, ed. Bloomsbury, 2021.

The Iliad (A Graphic Novel Adaptation). Gareth Hinds. Candlewick Press, 2019.

The Odyssey (A Graphic Novel Adaptation). Gareth Hinds. Candlewick Press, 2010.

Oxford Handbooks:

  • The Oxford Handbook of Sport & Spectacle in the Ancient World. Alison Futrell and Thomas F. Scanlon, eds. Oxford University Press, 2021.
  • The Oxford Handbook of Warfare in the Classical World. Brian Campbell and Lawrence A. Tritle, eds. Oxford University Press, 2013.

The Women of Troy. Pat Barker. Doubleday, 2021.

Wonder Woman, Volume 1 (Wonder Woman #1-14). George Pérez, Len Wein, and Greg Potter. DC Comics, 2016.

Wonder Woman, Volume 2 (Wonder Woman #15-24). George Pérez and Len Wein. DC Comics, 2017.


These books are available for student use in the common room and must not be removed.


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