Classics Students Association

UWCSA surrounded by laurel wreathThe University of Winnipeg Classics Students Association (UWCSA) was created in order to provide a supportive peer group for those interested in Classics. You do not need to be a Classics major to be part of the group, and there is no cost involved in joining.

For more information about current events and activities, email us or check out the UWCSA Facebook page or Instagram account!

The UWCSA Executive Committee for the 2021-22 academic year is:

  • Marina Milne - Co-Consul + Secretary
  • Samantha Frost - Co-Consul
  • Hannah Maendel - Treasurer
  • Elysse Paterson - Social Media Coordinator

All event and meeting details are subject to change, due to Campus Scheduling and unforeseen circumstances. Regardless, all events will be updated on the Facebook page and Instagram account!


Promotional image for UWCSA, full text on web page: features ancient vase image and text on background of Greek islandscape

Join the UWCSA - The University of Winnipeg Classics Students Association
A social and academic group for lovers of Classics!

Our plans for the Winter 2022 semester!*

  • Our annual colloquium (presentation of papers) - over Zoom, Jan 28th, 2-4:30 pm
  • Virtual meetups/study sessions
  • Outdoor activities (skating, etc.)
  • Possible fundraising/drives for charity (Canadian Mental Health - Wpg/MB Chapter)
  • Academic advising/peer review and support

*Subject to changing COVID-19 guidelines

If interested, please email:

Follow us on social media for updates!

  • Facebook: @uwclassicsclub
  • Instagram: @uw_classics_club

UWCSA 2022 Colloquium

The UWCSA Colloquium took place over Zoom on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Presentations included:

  • Spencer Paddock: "Keep Your Heads Down: Rome's Whistling Bullets"
  • Colton Van Gerwen: "The 'Prosperity' and Hubris of the Lydian King, Coesus, in Herodotus' 'Histories'"
  • Marina Milne: "The Multi-Sensory Streetscapes of Pompeii"
  • Ryna Humniski: "Medicine in Egypt: History and Practices"
  • Paige Boyd: "The Title of 'Emperor' and Marcus Agrippa"

Watch the Colloquium presentations on YouTube

Read the Uniter article, Building Your CV with Classics and Crossings, for more information about the Colloquium and how the initiative includes students in academic activities!


Promotional poster for UWCSA colloquium, full details on web page: features images of speakers: Spencer Paddock, Colton Van Gerwen, Marina Milne, Ryna Humniski, and the Colosseum (Paige Boyd)