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Classics Student Awards

IMPORTANT: Students must ensure that they have declared their Major in Classics in order to be eligible and considered for the following awards (except for Classics Department Prizes).

You may visit the Awards and Financial Aid page for more information or apply online.

The University of Winnipeg Classics Students Association Scholarship

This Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving undergraduate student majoring in Classics who meets the following criteria: a full-time or part-time student with a minimum grade point average of 3.75 in various Classics courses, a minimum of 18 Classics credit hours completed, an active member of The University of Winnipeg Classics Students' Association, and an active volunteer on campus.

Past Recipients:

  • Ari Haalboom (2020/21)

Dr. Robert Gold Prize in Classics

This prize has been established by the Seniors Winnipeg Arts Group (SWAG) to mark the occasion of Dr. Robert Gold's retirement and to honour his dedication as a teacher. Dr. Gold taught Classics at United College from 1960 to 1964 at The University of Winnipeg from 1969 to 1995. The prize will be awarded annually to the student who achieves the highest standing in Classics 2002, Greek Art and Architecture and Classics 2003, Roman Art and Architecture. In the event that no student meets these criteria, the prize will be awarded to the student who obtains the highest standing in one of the two courses.

Past Recipients:

  • Nolan Valgardson (2020/21)
  • Ryan Wark (2018/19)
  • Brittany Bauer (2015/16)
  • Emma Kunkel (2014/15)
  • Rebecca Heller (2013/14)
  • Katharina Klassen (2012/13)

Colleen M. Madson Memorial Prize

A fund has been established by relatives and friends in memory of Colleen Madson who attended The University of Winnipeg from 1973 to 1975. The prize is to be presented to the student who achieves the highest standing in the course Classics 2701, Classical Mythology.

Past Recipients:

  • Cassidy Roberts (2020/21)
  • Katie Stewart (2018/19)
  • Teri-Lynn Wood (2015/16)
  • Toni Moritz (2014/15)
  • Royce Murray (2013/14)
  • Tara Karasewich (2012/13)

John Dee Maurer Prize

This prize will be awarded to the student who obtains the highest standing in one of the courses: Classics 3754 - Ancient Epic in Translation, Classics 3755 - Ancient Drama in Translation, and Classics 3756 - Topics in Ancient Literature.

Past Recipients:

  • Laura Garand (2020/21)
  • Rachel Head (2018/19)
  • Evan Taylor (2014/15)
  • Kezia Stoesz (2013/14)
  • Sterdan Makrenna (2012/13)

Edwin and Anne Eagle Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship commemorates Edwin & Anne Eagle's dedication to the University, and will be awarded to an outstanding student in the Department of Classics. Professor Emeritus Edwin Eagle taught Classics at United College, which became The University of Winnipeg, for over 40 years. He served as the Department's only member from 1940-60, as Dean of Arts and Science from 1960-68, and as Department Head in Classics until his retirement in 1976. Dr. Edwin Eagle served faithfully as the last Dean of Arts and Science of United College, and as the first Dean of Arts and Science at The University of Winnipeg, and his efforts were instrumental in establishing The University of Winnipeg. Dr. Eagle also demonstrated his strong support for Women's and Gender Studies programs. In the event that a suitable candidate is not found in the Department of Classics, the award may be given to a student enrolled in Women's and Gender Studies.

Past Recipients:

  • Ari Haalboom (2020/21)
  • Brittany Bauer (2019/20)
  • Jazz Demetrioff (2018/19)
  • Daniel Russell (2015/16)
  • Myla Held (2014/15)
  • Ruth Dickinson (2013/14)
  • Jesse Hill (2012/12)

Beatrice & John Zack Scholarship in Classics

This scholarship in provided by the Erica and Arnold Rogers Fund for Academic Excellence. It will be awarded annually to the most promising student entering the Final year of the 4-year or Honours Classics program.

Past Recipients

  • Ryan Wark (2020/21)
  • Spencer Paddock (2019/20)
  • Kyle Barnes (2018/19)
  • Simone Reis (2015/16)
  • Drea Daniels (2014/15)
  • Leyna Shnier (2013/14)
  • Christian Boulley (2012/13) 

Classics Department Prizes

Each year the Department awards prizes to students who gained the highest mark in the previous year's classes. 

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