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Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Peter J. Miller Peter J. Miller, Associate Professor and Chair
Phone: 204.789.4197
Office: 4G16
Building: Graham Hall
Email: pj.miller@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Peter J. Miller


Angela McGillivray Angela McGillivray, Department Assistant
Phone: 204.786.9878
Office: 4G09
Building: Graham Hall
Email: ad.mcgillivray@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Angela McGillivray


Heather Barkman Heather Barkman, Instructor
Building: Graham Hall
Email: h.barkman@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Heather Barkman

Melissa Funke Melissa Funke, Assistant Professor
Office: 4G08
Building: Graham Hall
Email: m.funke@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Melissa Funke

Warren Huard Warren Huard, Instructor
Email: w.huard@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Warren Huard

Michael MacKinnon Michael MacKinnon, Full Professor
Phone: 204.786.9875
Office: 4G17
Building: Graham Hall
Email: m.mackinnon@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Michael MacKinnon

Melanie Racette-Campbell Melanie Racette-Campbell, Assistant Professor
Phone: 204.786.9193
Office: 4G06
Building: Graham Hall
Email: m.racette-campbell@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Melanie Racette-Campbell

Pauline Ripat Pauline Ripat, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9343
Office: 3C41
Building: Centennial Hall
Email: p.ripat@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Pauline Ripat

Allison Surtees Allison Surtees, Associate Professor (On Leave)
Email: a.surtees@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Allison Surtees

Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral, Assistant Professor
Phone: 204.786.9211
Office: 4G13
Building: Graham Hall
Email: f.amaral@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral

Conor Whately Conor Whately, Full Professor
Phone: 204.786.9879
Office: 4G18
Building: Graham Hall
Email: c.whately@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Conor Whately


Jane Cahill Jane Cahill, Senior Scholar
Email: j.cahill@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Jane Cahill

J.I. MacDougall J.I. MacDougall, Professor Emeritus
Profile: J.I. MacDougall

In Memoriam

Robert Gold Robert Gold, Associate Professor and Fellow of United College
Profile: Robert Gold

Mark Golden Mark Golden, Senior Scholar and Professor Emeritus
Profile: Mark Golden