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Graduate Studies & Pre-Professional Program Testing

Applying for Graduate Programs/Studies

It’s exciting! YOU have just finished your undergrad; you’ve worked hard for years and you’re reveling in your achievement.

But what if that isn’t the end of university life for you? What if you want to do something that requires further education? What if you have to go back and get another degree or two? Where do you start? How do you apply? 

The decision to do graduate work, in your undergrad field of study or something else, is only, really, a very small step to making it into an advanced degree program; the application process could involve a series of steps (application and interview), a one-time application that requires a whole sheaf of different documents, or a combination of the above and a major test.  

Getting through the whole process can seem a little daunting, even if you’ve always known that you would go further in your education.

Just for example, you may have to look out of the province or country for certain programs you might be interested in. Not every university offers the same programs. This means that your next step, after deciding to pursue graduate work, is finding out where you want to, and can, go.

Most applications require you to assemble a bunch of different documents, including (but not limited to): letters of reference, transcripts and/or a writing sample.

Note: for some examples of all the documents you may need to get a complete application together look at:

· https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/graduate-studies/graduate-programs/index.html  (click on the “Application Forms” (PDF/DOC) to see the list of what’s required for the application).

· http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/graduate_studies/admissions/required_docs.html

The long and short of this particular collection of documents is that it requires time to get them together; just getting an official transcript can take 5-7 business days. In the grand scheme of things, that isn’t a long time; however, it can be the difference between making an application deadline and not. Also, some professors like a month’s advance notice to write a letter of reference (they may also ask to see a copy of the whole application package you have put together).

The application process isn’t necessarily hard, but you do have to be organized! Our advice to YOU is to know what you need well in advance of the application deadline. We hope you’re successful in getting into the program to which you apply!

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Pre-Professional Program Testing

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