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Career Decision Making

Once you have completed your Self Assessment and conducted research on your Career possibilities, it is important to compare the information you found on each career with the results of your Self Assessment. Not everyone approaches decision making in the same way. If you are unable to make a decision with your usual method, using a different approach might give you input that will clear up any confusion or ambivalence. Here are some activities that might help you make a decision as well as some questions to consider:

  • Use the occupational information you have gathered to determine what you would be doing in each job on a regular basis.  What do you like about what you are doing?  What don’t you like?
  • Create a chart using the information you gathered in your self assessment (interests, abilities, values, significant experiences, dreams etc.).  Itemize the information on each career so you can systematically analyze which career best coincides with who you are and the direction that you see your life taking. Your next step is to determine the positive and negative short and long range consequences of choosing a given career.
  • Talk to people in your life about the options you are considering.  Having a conversation with people who are important to you and people you respect might help you to make a decision.
  • If you find that you identify more than one career that fits logically and offers a meaningful lifestyle and work, try to identify or imagine how you might create a career path that would incorporate two or more of these careers. For example numerous lawyers, teachers, and medical doctors write novels or non-fiction. Some professionals hold degrees in more than one area, either similar or very different. If you continue to have difficulty and have yet to consult a Career Advisor, you might find that a trained professional can help you identify additional factors that will enable you to make a decision. To book an appointment with a Career Advisor, please email careers@uwinnipeg.ca.

Questions to Consider when Making a Career Decision:

  • Are there obstacles that could prevent you from obtaining your career of interest? If so, is it possible to overcome these obstacles? How?
  • Are there risks associated with entering into your career of interest? Are you willing to take these risks?
  • What impact would the required years of education and the financial investment have on your present and future life?
  • What opportunities does your desired career offer in terms of leadership, personal development, further education and travel in your desired career?
  • Will your career require you to relocate?
  • Do your options correlate with your interests, abilities, skills, personal qualities, values, morals, goals and desired lifestyle?
  • What impact will your career choice have on your family, friendships and intimate relationships?
  • Will your career allow you to achieve what is most important to you?
  • Are you choosing your career to please yourself or someone else? 

Career Decision Making Resources: