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How to Prepare for the Career Fair

Know which Exhibitors will be attending in advance and conduct research by visiting their website so that you can ask relevant questions and discuss your applicable qualifications.

You can view a list of exhibitors here where you can also find profile pages and links to their websites. They will be impressed if you have some knowledge of their company/organization and know why you would like to work for them.

Please be aware that companies/organizations will be looking to fill different opportunities such as full-time, part-time, seasonal or volunteer. A number of agencies are interested in meeting students to discuss potential careers upon the completion of their degree. Make sure that you clarify what type of positions the company/organization is offering and whether it is appropriate to give them your resume.

Prepare questions for Exhibitors prior to the Fair to show your interest and that you have taken the time to conduct research. This will make you more memorable to the Exhibitor. Also take time after meeting with an exhibitor to make your own notes that you can refer to at a later time.

Start thinking about the education, experience, skills and personal characteristics you possess that that you can share with an employer to make you stand out.

Get the Most out of the Career Fair

Make a plan. Review the list of exhibitors, decide on which booths you want to visit and make sure you set aside enough time to visit them all.

Be flexible and open to the opportunities at the Career Fair. You may learn about an interesting employer or great job you had not considered before.

Approach exhibitors with warmth, enthusiasm and confidence! Share your “Career Pitch”, a 20-60 second introduction which lists your key points as a potential candidate and the skills, education and experience you can offer an employer.

Be courteous and respectful of the exhibitors. You are representing yourself and your university, and making a good impression is critical!

Be patient. Although you may not get a job at the Career Fair, you will be sharing and gathering information as well as making connections which could lead to a job at a later date.

Enjoy the Career Fair and let your positive attitude show!