Government of Canada Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador for the Government of Canada at the University of Winnipeg is a position formed under the Federal Government’s Deputy Minister University Champion Initiative. Established in 2002, the focus of the Initiative is to strengthen the relationship between the Government of Canada and Canadian universities. The goal is to identify shared priorities and build student awareness of career opportunities in the federal public service and work collaboratively to facilitate recruitment.

The Ambassador is meant to be a resource to University of Winnipeg Students by increasing awareness of federal hiring practices and programs and to assist students in finding jobs within their field of study. The Ambassadors office is situated in the University of Winnipeg AnX, by Career Services, where students can schedule meetings for personalized support and assistance though all steps of the recruitment process; from application, to resume building, and interviewing skills. Throughout the year, the Ambassador hosts workshops and develops webinars that focus on a variety of topics, including how to apply to the Federal Student Work Experience program. The Ambassador is also a liaison between students and the public service, continuously using the feedback received from students to improve the application and hiring process.

The Student Ambassador for the 2017-2018 academic year is Alexandria Bonney. She is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree in Political Science, with an emphasis in public policy and administration.

Andrea Lyon is the current Champion for the University of Winnipeg. Ms. Lyon became the Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council on May 29, 2017. Prior to, she held a number of senior leadership positions within the federal public service, including Associate Deputy Minister for Environment Canada and Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food.