Co-operative Education Program

The University of Winnipeg

The Deadline for to apply to the Co-op Program for students who are interested in a May - August 2018 Work Placement (SUMMER 2018) is OCTOBER 1st, 2017. Complete the online application or download an application today!

The University of Winnipeg's Co-operative Education Program is open to all undergraduate students from all disciplines. It is a three way partnership with the student, the employing organization, and The University of Winnipeg. 

The Canadian Association for Co-operative Education describes co-op education as a program that formally integrated a student's academic studies with work experience with participating employers in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Each work term is developed and/or approved by the Co-operative Education Institution as a suitable learning situation
  2. The Co-op Student is engaged in productive work rather than merely observing
  3. The Co-op student receives remuneration for the work completed
  4. The Co-op Students' performance on the job is supervised and evaluated by the student's co-operative employer

Upon completion of three Co-op Work Placements, Co-op Students will receive a Co-operative Education Graduate Designation with their degree parchment. The Co-op Program is designed to develop self-sufficiency, employability, and confidence.

Co-op Work Term Placements are normally four months in length. However, there can be 8, 12, 16 or 20 month work terms.

Work Terms start in:

  • May
  • September
  • January

These work terms are not like your normal student summer job. You will be working in a professional environment where you will use the knowledge and skills that you have learned in the classroom. Applying theoretical knowledge with practical learning. Plus you get paid for it! Most students who participated last summer earned between $13-$17 per hour. These placements allow you to gain valuable work experience that you can add to your resume, as well as, open your eyes to different career options within your field. 

The University of Winnipeg's Co-op Program offers a for-credit version and a non-credit version for students who secure a work placement. 

Upon acceptance into the Co-op Program, students will partake in:
  • Seminars - which include resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, job search, networking, professionalism and workplace etiquette - these professional development seminars will help you gain a work placement and will enhance your ability to do the job. 
  • Assignments - that are specific to your discipline. These assignments are meant to reflect on your learning in the classroom at The University of Winnipeg as well as develop your professional skills. 
  • One-on-One Resume and Cover Letter Writing Sessions - a personalized approach to creating the best possible resume and cover letter for each position that you will apply for
  • Mock Interviews - at least one mock interview per student. Students can also book an appointment to have a mock interview prior to every actual interview they go on. The Co-op Office will structure the Mock Interview based on the specific information in the job description
  • At least one networking event for students to attend
  • There will also be an opportunity to listen to a number of leaders in the community

Want to learn more about the Co-op Program? Book an appointment by emailing,

What's next if you are a STUDENT?

1. Fill out an Application Form

You can either

complete an online form (located on the left side of your screen)

download a PDF copy (located on the left side of your screen)

or contact and set up an appointment to pick one up or request a word doc version

2. If dropping off or emailing your application form in to , include:

  • A copy of your transcript from WebAdvisor (can be a screen shot)
  • A recent resume
  • A cover letter about why you are interested in the Co-op Program
  • and two references

3. Upon acceptance to the Program, you are required to pay the Program fee of $435.00*. This can be paid at Student Central. Please note that once the Co-op Fee is paid, it is non-refundable. *subject to change without notice

Please read through the Student Handbook (found on the left side) for more information about the Co-op Program

You can also check out the Co-op Program on Facebook:

Or follow the program on twitter, @COOPatUW

Please note the deadlines for students to join for the 2017-2018 Academic year:

The 2018 Summer (May - August) Work Term is OCTOBER 1ST

The 2017 Fall (September-December) Work Term is JANUARY 1ST (limited space)

The 2018 Winter Term (January-April) Work Term is JULY 1ST (limited space)

How do you get involved if you are an employer?


Or you can read through the Employer Handbook (found on the left side)

We are always looking for great employers for our students!