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Probation FAQs

What is probation?

Once a student has completed 18 credit hours, they are assessed at the end of each term to make sure that they are meeting the minimum cumulative GPA required for regular status. When a student’s GPA falls below the minimum requirement, they are moved to probation.

While on probation, students must meet two restrictions: 1) They must not exceed 9 credit hours of classes per term, and 2) They must achieve a term GPA of 2.0 (C) each term while on probation.

To see the University's policy for probation, please visit the Academic Calendar's Regulations & Policies section.


What do you mean by "term GPA"?

In this case, we are using “term GPA” to describe the grade point average for all courses completed at the end of each term. This may include 3 credit hour or 6 credit hour courses for which a grade is awarded at the conclusion of the Fall, Winter, or Spring terms. A term GPA is calculated based on all of the grades awarded. Students on probation must average at least a C (2.0) between all of these classes in order to continue with their studies.

Can I still take classes while on probation?

Yes. If you are in classes when you are notified of your status change, you are allowed to finish those classes. However, when registering for future terms, you will be limited to 9 credit hours per term. It is strongly encouraged that you meet with a Student Success Advisor to plan your courses prior to registration.

How long will I be on probation?

Students remain on probation until they reach the minimum cumulative GPA requirement outlined in the Academic Calendar. This may take one term, or it can take more – there is no time limit. The minimum GPA is outlined in the Regulations and Policies section of the Academic Calendar (7C), and is based on the number of credit hours you have attempted and your GPA:

Minimum Performance Table

Credit Hours Attempted

Minimum GPA









So, for example, if you have attempted 39 credit hours, your GPA must be at least 1.5 in order to be Regular status.

What happens if I don't get a C (2.0) average?

If you receive a term GPA lower than 2.0 (C) while on probation, you will be moved to suspension the following term. We strongly encourage you to consult with a Student Success Advisor about strategies to increase your GPA if you have been placed on probation.

For more information on suspension, please see Suspension FAQs.

How do I appeal my past grades?

Generally, once a final grade has been added to a student’s transcript, it is permanent, and you cannot change it. However, if your grade was the result of circumstances beyond your control, you may qualify for an appeal for retroactive withdrawal. Generally, students have one year from the end of a course to submit an appeal for that course.

Please contact a Student Success Advisor to discuss your options. You can email advising@uwinnipeg.ca or book an appointment at myvisit.com or using the myVisit app, available for iPhone and android.

If I repeat my old courses, will it replace my old grades?

If you repeat a class and pass both attempts, we will use only the higher grade in the calculation of your cumulative GPA. This can be a good way to quickly increase your GPA. However, if you finished a class with an F grade, you cannot replace that grade, even if you repeat the class and do better. Both grades will continue to count towards your cumulative GPA.

Will my probation status show up on my transcript?

Your probation status will appear on your transcript while you remain on probation. Once you have returned to regular status, it will be removed from your transcript.

What happens if I'm in the Faculty of Education and my status is changed to probation?

Students in the Faculty of Education who are moved to probation will be removed from the Faculty of Education.

Please speak to an Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Education if you have questions or concerns:


Meaghan Michaluk

Academic Advisor

Integrated Program Years 1-3



Amanda Bourgoin

Academic Advisor

Certification Years 4 and 5 and After Degree program


Make an appointment with a Student Success Advisor today by emailing studentsuccess@uwinnipeg.ca or advising@uwinnipeg.ca or by calling 204.786.9257.