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Course Outlines 2017-18

Note: With the exception of some Special Studies courses, most outlines for this academic year noted will be posted here. If you do not find the course you are looking for below you can review outlines from previous years on the Course Outlines Archives Page.

If the course outline you are looking for isn't here or on one of the other archived lists, please contact the THFM Dept office at thfm@uwinnipeg.ca or 204-786-9955.

Using the table below, locate your specific class by course AND section number, instructor name, and time. Once you have located the correct course, click on the Course Number/Name link to view your course outline as a PDF.


Course Number / Name Instructor Term Day Time Room
1001-001 Intro: Performance Brauer U2017FW M 08:30:-11:20: 0T09
1001-002 Intro: Performance Stroud U2017FW MW 14:30:-15:45: 0T09
1001-003 Intro: Performance Soares/Carter U2017FW TuTh 10:00:-11:15: 2T05
1001-004 Intro: Performance McIntyre U2017FW TuTh 11:30:-12:45: 2T05
1001-005 Intro: Performance McIntyre U2017FW TuTh 14:30:-15:45: 0T10
1001-050 Intro: Performance Moore U2017FW M 18:00:-21:00: 2T05
1002-001 Intro: General Blais U2017FW TuTh 13:00:-14:15: 1L07
1010-001 Introduction to Film Curle U2017FW W 14:30:-17:15: 1L11
1010-050 Introduction to Film Curle U2017FW W 19:00:-22:00: 1L11
1500-001 Music Appreciation Mlodzinski U2017FW Th 16:00:-17:15: 1B03
2011-001 Ensemb Pract Choral Mlodzinski U2017FW Tu 16:30:-18:30: 1B03
2101-001 Acting Theory and Practice Borody/Brauer U2017FW MW 13:30:-14:20: 2T05
2101-002 Acting Theory and Practice Borody/Brauer U2017FW MW 13:30:-14:20: 2T05
2101-003 Acting Theory and Practice Blais/Carter U2017FW TuTh 14:30:-15:20: 2T15
2103-001 Embodiment for the Actor Stroud U2017F TuTh 13:30:-15:45: 0T19
2201-001 Principles of Design Parboosingh U2017F TuTh 08:30:-09:20: 0T10
2310-001 Filmmaking I Jerrett U2017FW MWF 09:30:-10:20: 0T14
2310-050 Filmmaking I Claydon U2017FW Tu 19:00:-22:00: 0T14
2311-001 Film Comedy Kozak U2017FW W 14:30:-17:15: 0T14
2410-001 History of Film Curle U2017FW F 14:30:-17:15: 1L11
2501-001 Mime & Improv Skene/Guile U2017FW TuTh 16:00:-17:15: 0T19
2502-001 Voice and Speech Skills Soares U2017FW MWF 11:30:-12:20: 2T05
2502-002 Voice and Speech Skills Soares U2017FW TuTh 13:00:-14:15: 2T05
2505-001 Princ Phys Training Robson U2017W MWF 09:00:-10:20: 2T15
2601-050 Costuming Meiklejohn U2017F Tu 18:00:-21:00: 0T22
2602-001 Lighting Design Henderson U2017W WF 08:30:-09:45: 0T20
2610-050 Script and Screen Ball U2017W M 19:00:-22:00: 3M62
2611-001 Intro to Screenwriting Gonick U2017F M 14:30:-17:15: 3M54
2611-002 Intro to Screenwriting Kozak U2017W M 14:30:-17:15: 3M50
2701-001 Playwriting I Drader U2017FW MWF 11:30:-12:20: 0T19
2703-002 Play Analysis Brask U2017W MWF 10:30:-11:20: 4C60
2801-001 Production I Frost/Babcock U2017FW Tu 14:30:-17:15: 3M52
2801-002 Production I Babcock/Frost U2017FW Tu 14:30:-17:15: 2C14
2803-001 Lighting & Sound in Prod Babcock U2017F Tu 14:30:-17:15: 2C14
2803-002 Lighting & Sound in Prod Babcock U2017W Tu 14:30:-17:15: 2C14
2920-001 Intro to Dance - Mus Theatre Gorlick U2017F TuTh 08:30:-09:45: 0T09
2922-001 Intro: Music & Singing Fletcher U2017W TuTh 10:00:-11:15: 0T09
3101-001 Acting III: General Blais U2017FW MWF 09:30:-10:20: 2T05
3105-001 Advanced Movement I Stroud U2017FW Tu 10:00:-12:45: 2T15
3106-001 Advanced Movement II Stroud U2017FW MWF 10:30:-11:20: 2T15
3201-001 Styles in Design Parboosingh U2017FW Tu 14:30:-17:15: 0T20
3202-001 Drafting and Drawing McMullen U2017W M 14:30:-17:15: 0T20
3310-001 Filmmaking II Forbes U2017FW Tu 10:00:-12:45: 0T14
3312-001 Sound Edit for Film Kozak U2017FW Tu 14:30:-17:15: 0T14
3401-050 Theatre History III Majzels U2017W TuTh 17:30:-18:45: 1C16A
3502-050 Drama in Education Williamson U2017FW Th 18:00:-21:00: 2T05
3503-001 Stage Combat for Actors Skene U2017F TuTh 13:00:-14:15: 2T15
3801-001 Production II Frost/Babcock U2017FW TuTh 11:30:-12:45: 2T21
3802-001 Stage Management Novecosky U2017F TuTh 10:00:-11:15: 4C83
3807-001 Prod Operations & Mgmt Frost/Babcock U2017F TuTh 11:30:-12:45: 2T21
3808-001 Stagecraft Practicum Frost U2017W F 14:30:-17:20: 1T12
3920-001 Musical Theatre Gordon U2017FW TuTh 11:30:-12:45: 0T09
4041-001 SpSt: New Play Dramaturgy Brask U2017FW MWF 09:30:-10:20: 0T19
4131-001 Acting III: Honours Vickers/Skene/Weinberg U2017FW MWF 14:30:-17:15: 0T19
4133-001 Devised Theatre Borody U2017FW Tu 14:30:-17:15: 2T05
4135-002 Acting for the Media Carter U2017W TuTh 13:00:-14:15: 0T10
4141-001 Acting IV: Style & Genre Vickers/Brauer/Hodges U2017FW MWF 13:30:-16:15: 2T15
4802-001 Honours Stage Mgmt - Theory Novecosky U2017F TuTh 10:00:-11:15: 4C83
4803-001 Hons Stage Mgmt - Practice Babcock U2017F TBA
4803-002 Hons Stage Mgmt - Practice Babcock U2017W TBA
4809-001 Adv Stagecraft Pract Frost U2017FW F 14:30:-17:15: 1T12