Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that have been asked by participants at previous Orientations. We have grouped them by topic:

Updated March 1, 2022 for Spring Term 2022.


Course Information

Will there be in-person classes for this term? 

Yes, some classes will be in-person.    We will continue to offer some classes online or in alternate delivery formats.  Keep informed through the UWinnipeg website and social media. 


How do I find the zoom links for my online courses? 

On the day that your class starts, go to Nexus and login using your WebAdvisor username and password.  For each course, there will be a site and you will most likely find the zoom link there on the day the class starts. 
NOTE:  Many course sites on Nexus will not be active until the day the class actually starts. Some professors may post their information earlier than the first day but some will not.

If there is not a Nexus site for your course, then the instructor will send a message with a zoom link to your webmail account. 

To access your webmail, go to webmail and use the following format:

Your WebAdvisor 

Then enter your WebAdvisor password.


Are there different types of online courses? 

Yes!  For some online courses, you do not attend any live classes – you work on your own.   For other courses, there will be a requirement to attend some classes, presentations or other live activities at specific days/times.   You must be available for those specific days/times.
More info is here: Online courses 


What’s the difference between synchronous and asynchronous online courses?

Synchronous – you need to be available at specific times; usually a Zoom platform.
Asynchronous – you work on your own
More info is here: Online Courses 


How do I get a course outline/syllabus?

Go to Nexus and login using your WebAdvisor username and password.  For each course – typically on the first day – there will likely be a site and you will probably find the course outline/syllabus there.  Some profs might have it available earlier on their site.  Other instructors may email it to your webmail account or hand it out in class if it's an in-person class.  To access your webmail, use the following format to login: Your WebAdvisor (and your WebAdvisor password).



What will labs look like this term?

Some will be offered via Zoom, others by video, and some will be in-person.


Are exams in-person this term? 
It is up to your professor how the exam will be offered.  Consult the syllabus of each course for exam information and also consult the Exam Schedules for updates.




Tuition and Fees

How do I pay tuition? 

Pay the easy way – through your financial institution.  Go to the website of your bank or credit union, and set up a payment like you would for your cell phone bill or any other type of bill.  Add University of Winnipeg as a bill payment, use your 7-digit student number as your account number, choose your type of account (chequing, savings, etc.) and enter the amount you are paying (find the exact amount in your WebAdvisor account).   


What is the tuition deadline?

May 18, 2022.  This deadline is for all Spring Term courses.


Is the tuition deadline the same as the Add/Drop Period? 

No, the add/drop period is when you can add or drop courses (on WebAdvisor/Student Planning) and get a refund for dropped courses.  Your account will be adjusted accordingly.  Please go to Withdrawal Schedules


Do I have to pay for everything by the tuition deadline? 

You need to pay for all Spring Term courses by the deadline 


Will I be charged for health insurance?  

If you have already opted out of the UWSA's health plan once in the 2021-22 academic year, you will not be charged for it again until your next academic year.   If you were charged for the health plan in Spring Term, and you want to opt out, see UWSA Health Plan


When will my scholarship be applied to my account?

The Awards Office is aiming to have this all done before the start of the term.  However, you can just deduct the amount yourself (based on your offer letter that you would have received earlier in the year) from your total owing, and pay the difference by May 18, 2022.




Degree Planning Information

If you have questions related to specific courses or your degree or major requirements, please contact Academic and Career Services to speak with an advisor.  Email


What if I have transfer credits?

Email the Admissions Office with your specific questions regarding transfer credits.
Domestic Admissions -
International Admissions -


Can I change my major? 

Yes!  You can change your major by filling out a major declaration form and submitting it to Student Central.  See the Student Forms webpage. You may want to discuss your situation with an Academic Advisor who can help you ‘shift direction’ and use the credit hours you’ve already earned towards your new goals.



Important Dates and Deadlines

When is the first day of classes?

The first day of Spring Term is May 2, 2022.  


What is the Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) date?

The VW date is the last date that you can drop a course without receiving an academic penalty.  You won’t get a refund, but you will avoid getting a poor mark in the course which would negatively impact your academic record. The VW date varies, depending on the specific course.  See Withdrawal Schedules



Contacting Student Services and Campus Services

How do I contact Academic and Career Advising?

You can email us or use the My visit app to book an appointment.


How do I access the library? 

Go to the library website:

Start here to learn how to use the library:


Who do I contact with questions about awards, bursaries and student loans?



What if my University webmail is not working? 

Contact the Technology Service Desk:
Call 204.786.9149 or email
For their hours and other information, please see: Tech Sector - Get Help 


How do I purchase books at the bookstore?

Go to the Bookstore website and use the “Get your Textbooks” search feature to find what is required for each of your courses and then follow instructions for purchase and delivery.


How do I access tutoring?

For tutoring in writing, math or science, check out the  


How do I register for fitness classes?

The schedule of classes and registration instructions can be found here:  Fitness Schedule


What is the best way to get involved on campus?

Your Students Association, the UWSA, offers many clubs, student groups and events. Check out the UWSA website


How do I get a first-year resource guide?

You can get one when you pick up your student ID card.  If you are not getting a card, you will receive one in the mail.   The guide is also posted on the Orientation website.  An international version of the guide is also available and will be sent to international students by email.


How do I obtain a Peggo Card so I can get post-secondary discounted bus fare on Winnipeg Transit? 

First, you need a Student ID card.  Send your photo to Student Central and they will make you a card.  See Student ID Cards for when you can order and pick up your Student ID card on campus and use it to verify your student status when you pick up your Peggo card on campus the same day.  This will enable you to receive a post-secondary discount when you load your Peggo card.


What is the UWSafe app and the MyVisit app? 

The UWSafe app a tool that sends important safety alerts and provides instant access to campus safety resources and other services on campus.  The MyVisit app is used to make appointments with academic or career advisors and once we return to campus, it can be used to connect with additional student services. 


Are Orientation videos posted?

Yes! A day or two after the session, they are posted on the Orientation website.


International Students

If you have questions as an International student about coming to Canada, study permits/visas, accommodations, etc., email staff in International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services (IIRSS) at