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Exam Schedules

Please note that the possible transit disruption that could have impacted some students during the exam period has been averted. Continue to refer to the Winnipeg Transit website for up-to-date information regarding transit services.

Fall (December 2023) Exam Schedule

If no exam is listed for your section, please check with your instructor(s). Students with in-person exams should check the exam schedule regularly for updates, or use the email/text message features located in the 'more event actions' menu below.


Exam Locations

Exam locations are subject to change.  Students are encouraged to double-check their exam location 24 hours in advance.

Students with an exam scheduled on a Saturday, should plan to arrive 45 minutes prior to their exam.  The doors to the university are locked on the weekend and students will need to use the Security intercom to be 'buzzed' in.

DUCK 1D62 is the Duckworth Gym.  On the exam day, students are asked to gather on the 2nd Floor of the Duckworth Centre and await further instructions.

Search Function
Students can use the search function to easily locate their exam(s).  You can search by the instructor's last name, course title or by course number.

If you do not see an exam listed for your course section, please consult your course outline or speak with your instructor. 

Students can subscribe to email or text message updates through the 'more event action' menu.

Time Conflicts
If you have any time conflicts, follow these instructions to deal with them immediately Important Information about Final Exam Conflicts