Online Courses


Types of Courses:

1.  Video-on-Demand (VOD) Courses

Each VOD course is available in two ways:

  • Online- Students view lectures (recorded on campus) on the Internet at Nexus.   Each lecture is available approximately one hour after it’s recorded in Campus Studio 1L10.   These courses are identified by section numbers 755-759.

  • In-person - Students attend lectures in-person in Campus Studio 1L10, where their classes are video recorded for Nexus.  These courses are identified as section numbers 750-754.

2.  Online Courses

Students view all course content, which may include video presentations, handouts, assignments, online discussions etc., on Nexus.  These courses are identified as section numbers 760-769.

Important Notes

  •  All course content, including recorded lectures, assignments, handouts, online chats, etc., is available through Nexus and remains there until the end of the exam period.

  • Depending on the course, attendance on campus may be mandatory for labs and/or exams.  Please refer to the “notes” on specific courses in the Timetable or in WebAdvisor/Student Planning.

  • High speed Internet is mandatory. Content is accessible via smartphones and tablets, flash and html5 enabled for video playback - Android or iOS devices.


Finding & Registering for VOD and Online Courses:

To find when the next VOD or online courses will be offered: Go into WebAdvisor as a "guest" and do a course search by typing in a section number (see section numbers above) and the corresponding Term.  Another way is to login to WebAdvisor and go to "Student Planning," where you can do a search for online courses within each academic department.
Go to WebAdvisor/Student Planning here:  WebAdvisor

To register for VOD or online courses:  Follow the same process as any other course.   See Registration Process for the steps and more information.
NOTE:  Only admitted students may register for courses.  For information on the admission process, please see:  How to Apply 

For most VOD/online courses, you will also need to purchase a textbook(s) or other course materials.  Search for your course and section under “Textbooks” here: Bookstore

After you are registered
for a VOD or Online course, you can access the course - on the first day of classes for the Term - through Nexus.  See instructions: 

Dropping VOD or online courses:  Follow the same process as any other course through Student Planning in WebAdvisor.  Remember to double-check that your drop was completed successfully. For instructions on dropping courses, please see the WebAdvisor and Student Planning Guide [PDF].
NOTE:  If you continue to have access to the course on Nexus after you’ve dropped it, please send an email to with your name, student number and details of the drop.