Online Courses


Most courses will be online for Spring 2021, but they will be delivered in a variety of ways.  Below are definitions of some key terms used to describe online course delivery in the Student Planning catalog and in WebAdvisor and the Timetable.

***For advice, resources, tips on online learning, see our website:  Remote Learning Hub


In the Student Planning catalog:

Online - Synchronous – A course is delivered at specific times using an online platform, such as Zoom or other video conferencing platform.  The course is not saved on the Nexus site, so it must be viewed at the specific times listed; otherwise students do not have access to it.  In “Additional Information,” this type of course is listed as “LIVE.”

Online - Asynchronous – A course is delivered through pre-recorded videos, powerpoint presentations, readings and/or other materials that do not have a live component.  The course may be accessed by students at any time for the duration of the course.  There may be assignment due dates or tests/exams that take place at certain times, but all other aspects of the course are available to students 24 hours per day on the Nexus site.  In “Additional Information,” this type of course is listed as “NEXUS.”

Online - Synchronous and Asynchronous – If a course shows both synchronous and asynchronous times and locations, then it is a combination of the two formats.  There are aspects of the course in which you will work on your own and other aspects that require you to participate in live elements at specified dates/times.   Make sure you are available to participate at the specified dates/times.   In “Additional Information,” the course will be categorized as “NEXUS+.”


In WebAdvisor and Timetable: 

LIVE  – via Zoom or other video-conferencing platform –  Lectures will be delivered live on fixed days at fixed times.  This delivery method is exactly the same as if both the instructor and students were on-campus; the only difference is everyone is attending virtually.

NEXUS –  Course materials are posted online throughout the course and remain available 24-hours a day to students until the end of exam period.  This delivery method may include pre-recorded lectures in the studio (1L10)/Video on Demand, PDFs, PowerPoints, and YouTube videos.

NEXUS+ - This is a combination of "Live" and "Nexus.” You must be available to participate in the Live components on the specified dates/times, plus there is additional course material available 24-hours a day to students on Nexus. The Live components may include live lectures, discussions, and/or group work and the Nexus components may include articles, pre-recorded videos, and other posted course materials.


Note:  Please read the meeting information and notes sections carefully for specific details about course delivery!