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Course Listings

Many of our courses are offered on a rotating basis, while others are offered each year. For information on courses offered in the current or upcoming academic terms please consult WebAdvisor or the UWinnipeg Timetable. For calendar descriptions of individual courses please refer to our Academic Calendar. For detailed course information, including course outlines for current and past courses (2003-2015), please contact the History Office, 204.786.9382 or s.tolman@uwinnipeg.ca.

A maximum of 6 credits in HIST-1000 may be used by History majors towards graduation.

1000 - level courses:
HIST-1006(3)     Indigenous History to 1900: Origins, Contact, Colonialism
HIST-1007(3)     Indigenous History Since 1900: Racism, Resistance, Renewal
HIST-1008(3)     Colonial Genocides and Indigenous History
HIST-1009(3)     Peoples and Land of Treaty One
HIST-1011(3)     Cross Currents in Global Art
HIST-1012(3)     The Worlds of Asia and Africa to 1750
HIST-1013(3)     The Worlds of Asia and Africa Since 1750
HIST-1014(3)     Europe and the Mediterranean World to 1700
HIST-1015(3)     The Atlantic World: Europe and the Americas, 1700-1989

2000-Level Courses
HIST-2030(3)    The Hellenistic World (CLAS-2630)
HIST-2090(3)    Topics in Classical Studies (CLAS-2010)
HIST-2096(6)    The History of Ancient Rome (CLAS-2096)
HIST-2099(3)    The Roman Army (CLAS-2950)
HIST-2104(6)    Ancient Greek History (CLAS-2091)
HIST-2108(3)    Mennonite Studies I (MENN-2101)
HIST-2109(3)    Mennonite Studies II (MENN-2102)
HIST-2110(6)    The Twentieth Century World
HIST-2112(6)    War as a Social Institution
HIST-2113(6)    A History of Slavery
HIST-2114(3)    From Columbus to Cook
HIST-2116(6)    Survey History of Latin America
HIST-2117(3)    History of Brazil
HIST-2118(3)    Modern Mexico: from Acapulco to Zapatistas
HIST-2120(3)    Business History
HIST-2130(6)    History of the Developing World (IDS-2130)
HIST-2131(3)    History of Peace and Nonviolence I (CRS-2131)(MENN-2131)
HIST-2132(3)    History of Peace and Nonviolence II (CRS-2132)(MENN-2132)
HIST-2133(3)    Global Migration History
HIST-2170(6)    Islam and the West
HIST-2171(3)    Islam, Oil and War in the Modern Middle East
HIST-2190(3)    Theatre History I (THFM-2401)
HIST-2191(6)    History of Film (THFM-2410)
HIST-2192(6)    History of Fashion and Dress (THFM-2406)
HIST-2211(3)    Europe in the Middle Ages 300-1350
HIST-2212(3)    Europe between the Medieval and Modern Worlds 1350-1650
HIST-2213(3)    Women in Pre-Industrial Europe
HIST-2214(6)    Europe in the Middle Ages
HIST-2215(3)    History of the Byzantine Empire
HIST-2226(3)    The History of Sexuality from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
HIST-2303(3)    The Child in Europe (GERM-2303)
HIST-2313(6)    Modern European Society
HIST-2316(6)    History of Britain from 1485
HIST-2323(3)    Studies in German Culture I (GERM-2101)
HIST-2324(3)    Studies in German Culture II (GERM-2102)
HIST-2325(3)    Russia to 1917
HIST-2326(3)    Russia since 1917
HIST-2327(3)    The History of Sexuality from the Renaissance to the Present
HIST-2328(3)    Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
HIST-2329(3)    Women in Modern Europe
HIST-2330(3)    Europe since 1945
HIST-2331(3)    History of Modern Germany (GERM-2331)
HIST-2411(6)    History of Asia since 1500
HIST-2413(3)    South Asia since 1500
HIST-2414(3)    History of East Asia since 1500
HIST-2500(6)    History of Canada to 1939
HIST-2503(3)    Survey History of Canada: The Colonial Era, 1500-1867
HIST-2504(3)    Survey History of Canada: The National Era, 1867-1939
HIST-2505(3)    Survey History of Canada: The Modern Era, 1939 to the Present
HIST-2509(6)    History of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
HIST-2510(3)    Aboriginal Peoples of Canada to 1815
HIST-2511(3)    Aboriginal Peoples of Canada since 1815
HIST-2512(3)    History of Human Rights in Canada (HR-2200)
HIST-2514(3)    History of Canadian Education
HIST-2516(3)    History of Education: Residential Schools and Beyond
HIST-2600(6)    History of the United States from 1607
HIST-2700(6)    History of Africa
HIST-2800(6)    History of European Art
HIST-2801(6)    History of Canadian Art
HIST-2802(3/6) Art in Non-Christian Religions (REL-2901)
HIST-2804(3)    Secrets of Museums: A Critical Inquiry into the Origins and Culture of Western Museums
HIST-2900(6)    History of Science
HIST-2901(6)    History of Technology
HIST-2910(3)    History of Medicine To 1700
HIST-2912(3)    The History of Modern Medicine

3000-Level Courses
HIST-3001(6)    Practice and Philosophy of History
HIST-3002(3/6)  Tutorial
HIST-3005(6)    Introduction to Oral History
HIST-3006(3)    Topics in Ancient History (CLAS-3006)
HIST-3007(6)    Topics in the History of Food
HIST-3101(6)    History of the Ottoman Empire
HIST-3108(3)    Gender and Mennonites (MENN-3108)
HIST-3110(3)    Russia and the Mennonites (MENN-3110)
HIST-3111(3)    Conflict and Mennonites (MENN-3111)
HIST-3112(6)    Militarism in the Modern World
HIST-3113(6)    Personalities and Modern Revolution
HIST-3114(3)    Latin America and the Mennonites (MENN-3114)
HIST-3115(6)    The History of Spanish American Political Culture
HIST-3116(3)    Mennonites and World Issues (MENN-3116)
HIST-3117(6)    Columbus to Castro, a History of Cuba 1492 -Present
HIST-3118(3)    South Asian Diaspora Since 1800
HIST-3119(3)    Aboriginal Peoples and Christian Missions
HIST-3121(3)    Women in the Modern World
HIST-3125(3)    Topics in Contemporary Latin American History
HIST-3130(3)    History of International Migration: The German Experience
HIST-3135(6)    The Hudson's Bay Company and the Modern Department Store (BUS-3135)
HIST-3140(3)    Alexander the Great (CLAS-3310)
HIST-3170(3)    History of Law in Islamic Society
HIST-3190(3)    Theatre History III (THFM-3401)
HIST-3208(3)    Crusades and Crusaders in the Middle Ages
HIST-3209(3)    Travel and Encounters in the Middle Ages
HIST-3212(3)    Fact, Fiction and Images: Interpreting Manitoba Mennonites (MENN-3212)
HIST-3216(3)    Luther, Zwingli, and the Radical Reformers (MENN-3102)
HIST-3218(3)    Topics in the Enlightenment
HIST-3220(3)    Women in Medieval Europe, 800-1350
HIST-3221(3)    Women in the Renaissance, 1350-1550
HIST-3222(3)    Women in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1750
HIST-3223(3)    Children and Childhood in Pre-Modern Europe
HIST-3224(3)    Crime and Conflict in Pre-Modern Europe
HIST-3225(3)    Slaves, Serfs, and Servants in Pre-Modern Europe
HIST-3310(3/6) Topics in Modern Ukrainian History
HIST-3314(6)    Recent European History
HIST-3315(6)    European Power Politics
HIST-3317(3)    Topics in Russian and Soviet History
HIST-3320(3)    Topics in Russian Intellectual History
HIST-3406(6)    Colonialism and Nationalism in India
HIST-3408(3)    Women'’s History in South Asia
HIST-3515(6)    Material Culture in the History of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada (ANTH-3126)
HIST-3518(3)    History of the Aboriginal Peoples of the Northern Plains (ANTH-3127)
HIST-3519(3)    Aboriginal Peoples and Treaties
HIST-3522(3)    Aboriginal Peoples of Arctic Canada (ANTH-3120)
HIST-3523(3)    Aboriginal Women’s Twentieth Century History (IS/WGS-3523)
HIST-3525(3)    History of the Métis in Canada
HIST-3526(3)    Ethnohistoric Methods and Theory (HIST-4526)(ANTH-3117)(ANTH-4117)
HIST-3528(3)    History of Eastern and Subarctic Algonquian Peoples (ANTH-3528)
HIST-3532(3)    History of the Iroquoian Peoples (ANTH-3128)
HIST-3540(6)    Critical Issues in the History of Canadian Politics, Nationalism, & International Relations
HIST-3541(3)    Mennonites in Canada (MENN-3541)
HIST-3542(6)    Gender, Class, and Ethnicity in Canadian History
HIST-3543(6)    Immigration to Canada
HIST-3544(6)    History of Winnipeg
HIST-3545(6)    Historical Perspectives on Women in Canada
HIST-3548(6)    Alternative Visions: Rebels and Revolutionaries in Canadian History
HIST-3552(6)    Regionalism and the History of the Canadian West
HIST-3560(6)    The German-Canadian Presence in Canadian History (GERM-3103)
HIST-3561(3)    German-Canadian Identity - Historical Perspectives (GERM-3561)
HIST-3570(3/6) The Family in Canadian History
HIST-3571(3)    History of Feminism in Canada (WGS-3571)
HIST-3572(3/6) History of Childhood in Canada
HIST-3590(3)    Indigenous Health History (IS-3590)
HIST-3603(3)    United States, 1878-1929
HIST-3604(3)    United States, 1929-1988
HIST-3609(6)    History of the Native American Peoples of the United States
HIST-3611(6)    Colonial America, 1492-1783
HIST-3612(3)    Religion in American History
HIST-3703(3)    South Africa in the Modern World
HIST-3704(3)    West Africa in the Twentieth Century
HIST-3711(6)    Liberation Movements in South Africa
HIST-3805(3/6) Arts of the Arctic
HIST-3807(3/6) Topics in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Canadian Art
HIST-3809(3/6) Nineteenth-Century Art in Context
HIST-3810(3/6) Art in the Twentieth Century
HIST-3811(6)    Women, Art and Society
HIST-3813(3)    Art History in Focus I
HIST-3814(3/6)  Indigenous Art
HIST-3816(6)    Art and Architecture of Pilgrimage
HIST-3824(3)    History and Theory of Dance and Art
HIST-3825(6)    Theories and Methods for Art History
HIST-3826(3)    Art History in Focus II
HIST-3828(3/6) Dada and Surrealism: Art of the Unconscious
HIST-3829(3/6) Modern Architecture and Design
HIST-3840(3/6) Seventeenth Century Art
HIST-3841(3/6) Arts of the Middle Ages
HIST-3842(3/6) Italian Renaissance Art
HIST-3843(3/6) Northern Renaissance Art
HIST-3901(3)    The Scientific Revolution
HIST-3902(3)    The Darwinian Revolution
HIST-3903(3)    Classical and Medieval Science (CLAS-3090)
HIST-3904(3)    The Einsteinian Revolution
HIST-3913(3)    The History of Disease

4000-Level Courses
Permission of the Department is required prior to registration in 4000-level courses.

HIST-4000(3)    Tutorial
HIST-4100(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4103(6)    Colonization and the Age of Modernity in Latin America
HIST-4111(6)     Frontiers and Borderlands
HIST-4112(6)    History of the Atlantic World
HIST-4113(6)    Slavery in the Americas
HIST-4121(6)    Sex, Race, and Gender in the Early Modern Period
HIST-4130(6)    History and Memory
HIST-4200(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4213(6)    Topics in Early Modern Women’s History
HIST-4218(6)    Topics in Medieval Culture
HIST-4300(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4315(6)    Europe in Crisis, 1914-1945
HIST-4317(6)    Studies in Modern Russian History
HIST-4403(6)    Postcolonial India
HIST-4500(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4526(3)    Ethnohistoric Methods and Theory (HIST-3526)(ANTH-3117)(ANTH-4117)
HIST-4530(6)    Advanced Studies in Canadian Social History
HIST-4535(6)     Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada and the United States (MENN-4535)
HIST-4570(6)    Aboriginals and Newcomers in Encounter: Selected Topics (ANTH-4105)
HIST-4580(6)    The Interpretation of Canadian History: Historiographical Issues
HIST-4600(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4605(6)    Studies in Intellectual and Social History of the United States
HIST-4610(6)    The Origins of the Civil War in the United States
HIST-4700(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4800(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4801(6)    Special Topics in Art History
HIST-4802(6)    French Art and Culture around 1900
HIST-4815(3/6)  Cultures of the Past: Art History and Memory
HIST-4830(6)    The History of Museums and Collecting
HIST-4831(6)    Practicum in Curatorial Studies
HIST-4900(6)    Tutorial
HIST-4902(6)    Selected Topics in the History of Science
HIST-4910(6)    Themes in the History of Medicine

Experimental Courses are new courses offered on a trial basis to gauge interest in various topics. Students who successfully complete any experimental course receive credit as indicated.

HIST-2302(3)    History of Britain, 1815-1990
HIST-2332(3)    The Holocaust in Europe Field Course (REL-2632)
HIST-2525(3)    Eyewitnesses to Canadian History
HIST-2604(3)    Crime and Punishment in Modern American History
HIST-2811(3)    Indigenous Spirituality and Art (REL-2811)
HIST-3009(3)    Eras (CLAS-3850)
HIST-3010(3)    Provinces and Subjects (CLAS-3840)
HIST-3011(3)    Kingdoms and City-States (CLAS-3830)
HIST-3124(3)    A Global History of Slavery, Indentured (CLAS-3830)
HIST-3126(3)    Environmental History and the Mennonites (MENN-3126)
HIST-3131(3)    Revolutionary Responses to Climate Change (HR-3131)
HIST-3132(3)    Revolutionary Movements in Latin America in the 20th Century (HR-3132)
HIST-3133(3)    Gender, Revolution And Armed Conflicts (HR-3133. WGS-3133)
HIST-3405(3)    Revolutionary Movements in South Asia (HR-3405)
HIST-3504(3)    Food History Truck
HIST-3911(3)    History of Madness and Psychiatry
HIST-3912(3)    Medicine and Narrative in History
HIST-4891(3)    Selected Topics in Visual Cultures