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Royden Loewen

Royden  Loewen Email: r.loewen@uwinnipeg.ca


HIST-2101(3) Mennonites Studies I
HIST-2102(3) Mennonites Studies II
HIST-2131(3) History of Peace & Nonviolence I
HIST-2132(3) History of Peace & Nonviolence II
HIST-3108(3) Gender and Mennonites
HIST-3111(3) Mennonites and Conflict
HIST-3114(3) Latin America and Mennonites
HIST-3116(3) Mennonites and World Issues
HIST-3541(3) Mennonites in Canada
HIST-4535(6) Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada and the United States
HIST-7004(6) Topics: Immigration and Ethnicity (Graduate)

Research Interests:
Rural History; History of the Mennonites;
Canada 19th and 20th Century;
U.S. 19th and 20th Century; Immigration and Ethnicity

Selected Publications
Family, Church and Market: Mennonites Communities in the Old and the New Worlds, 1850-1930.
University of Toronto Press, 1993.

From the Inside Out: the Worlds of Mennonite Diarists, 1863-1929.
University of Manitoba Press, 1999.

Hidden Worlds: Revisiting the Mennonite Migrants of the 1870s.
University of Manitoba Press, 2001.

Ethnic Farmers in Western Canada
(booklet). Canadian Historical Association, 2002.