Eliakim Sibanda


Eliakim  Sibanda Title: Professor, Head of Graduate Studies, Joint Peace and Conflict Program
Office: 3A31
Building: Ashdowne
Phone: 204.786.9011

Teaching Areas:
African Liberation Movements; History of Agrarian Policies (focus on communal land tenure and Peasant agriculture); Biographical History; Oral History; Migration and Migrant Labour History of Southern Africa; Ethnicity, Race, Gender and Class in 20th Southern Africa


HIST-1012(3) The Worlds of Asia and Africa to 1750
HIST-2700(6) African History
HIST-3001(6) Practice and Philosophy of History 
HIST-3701(6) Modern Africa History
HIST-3703(3) South Africa in the Modern World
HIST-3704(3) West Africa in the 20th Century
HIST-4113(6) History of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa
HIST-4701(6) Studies in Modern African History
HIST-4702(6) Southern Africa
HIST-7708(6) Modern Africa History

Selected Publications
The Zimbabwe African People’s Union, 1961-1987 : A Political History of Insurgency in Southern Rhodesia