David Topper


David Topper Title: Senior Scholar

Research Interests:
History of Art; History of Science.


See my latest book: Einstein for Anyone: A Quick Read (Vernon Press, Second Revised Edition, 2016)

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All Books:

Quirky Sides of Scientists: True Tales of Ingenuity and Error from Physics and Astronomy (New York: Springer, 2007)

How Einstein Created Relativity out of Physics and Astronomy. (New York: Springer, 2013)

Idolatry and Infinity: Of Art, Math, & God (BrownWalker, 2014)

Einstein for Anyone: A Quick Read (Vernon Press, Second Revised Edition, 2016)

Recent Articles:

"Galileo, Sunspots, and the Motions of the Earth: Redux "Isis, 90, no. 4 (December, 1999): 757-767

"On Anamorphosis: Setting Some Things Straight," Leonardo, 33, no.2 (2000), 115-124.

(with Dwight Vincent), "Posing Einstein's Question: Questioning Einstein's Pose," The Physics Teacher, 38, no. 5 (May, 2000), 278-288.

"'I know that what I am saying is rather obscure': On Clarifying a Passage in Galileo's Dialogue," Centaurus, 42, no. 4 (2000), 288-296.

"[History of] Physics," History of Modern Science and Mathematics, 4 Volumes. (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2002), volume 1, pp. 115-146.

“Colluding with Galileo: On Mueller’s Critique of my Analysis of Galileo’s Sunspots Argument,” Journal for the History of Astronomy, 34 (2003), 75-76; with Comment, “The Galileo Sunspot Controversy: Proof and Persuasion,” by Owen Gingerich, 77-78.

(with Dwight Vincent), "Einstein's 1934 Two-Blackboard Derivation of Energy-Mass Equivalence," American Journal of Physics 75 (11), (Nov. 2007), 978-983.

(with Martin Clutton-Brock), “The Plausibility of Galileo’s Tidal Theory,” Centaurus, 53 (3), (Aug. 2011), 221-235.