Ahmet Seyhun


Ahmet Seyhun Title: Associate Professor
Office: 3A19
Building: Ashdown
Phone: 204.786.9765

Teaching Areas:
Islamic History, Ottoman History, Legal Developments in Islam, Islamic Political Thought


HIST-1012(3) The Worlds of Asia and Africa to 1750 
HIST-2170(6) Islam and the West 
HIST-3101(6) History of the Ottoman Empire
HIST-3170(3) History of Islamic Law


Selected Publications

"A Last Attempt to Solve the Armenian Question Reforms of 1914." (forthcoming May 2015University of Utah Press, Utah Series in Middle East Studies)

The Islamist Thinkers of the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic. (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming November 2014)

Said Halim Pasha (1865–1921): An Islamist Thinker and an Ottoman Statesman. Piscataway, N.J.: Gorgias Press, 2010.

Said Halim Pasha (1865–1921): Osmanlı devlet adamı ve islamcı düşünür. (Translation) Istanbul: Alfa/Everest Press, 2010.

“Said Halim Paşa: Osmanlı Devlet Adamı ve İslamcı Düşünür” (Said Halim Pasha as a statesman and a thinker). Türkiye Yazarlar Birliği Akademi Dergisi (Journal of the Turkey’s Writers Union) (2010): 67-81.

“Said Halim and the Armenian Reform Project of 1914.” Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies 19, no. 2 (2010)

"Ahmet Naim’s Criticism of the Turkists." Archivum Ottomanicum 25 (2008)

Said Halim Pasha: Ottoman Statesman and Islamic Thinker, 1865-1921 (Istanbul: Isis Press, 2003)


New Scholarly Activities

A new book entitled The Islamist Thinkers of the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic. The book is scheduled to be published on 15 November 2014 by Brill Publishing in Leiden. It is already listed for sale by pre-order on various well-known book selling sites such as, Barnes and Noble and the Book Depository. The book is on late Ottoman intellectual history and, in particular, on the social and political ideas of the Islamist thinkers who expounded their ideas in the last decades of the Ottoman Empire and the first decades of the Republic of Turkey. It presents the writings of 13 Turkish intellectuals.

Apart from the book I also finished writing a lengthy article entitled "A Last Attempt to Solve the Armenian Question Reforms of 1914". This article studies the reforms initiated by the Ottoman Government on the eve of the First War World to solve what was called by historians and diplomats the “Armenian Question”. My study, besides covering all of the existing literature on that topic, was based largely on some newly discovered archival material in the Ottoman Archives which I researched during my Sabbatical year. The article was accepted for publication by the University of Utah Press and will be published as a part of a book series entitled Utah Series in Middle East Studies; a conference publication. My article will appear during the Spring or, at latest, in early Summer of 2015.

Moreover, during my stay in Istanbul I received an offer by the Isis Publishing Company for the publication of all of the diplomatic correspondence which I discovered in the Archives between the Sublime Porte (the Ottoman Government) and the Chancelleries of the European Great Powers. I accepted their offer. This work will most probably will be published in the early Summer of 2015. The tentative title of this study will be, most probably, Diplomatic Documents on the Armenian Reform Project of 1914