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Why I Give: Joffrey Abainza

Thu. Sep. 1, 2022

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I'm Joffrey and I work for the University's Library Systems unit. I'm one of the techies who takes care of the library's equipment, software, and online services.

A brief background: my family and I came to Canada from the Philippines in 2006. I work in software and information technology, and my wife works in the medical field. We both came from what are considered not just top universities in the Philippines but also in South East Asia.

We've had plenty of great opportunities in our careers. I was involved in high-level, multinational projects and my wife was meeting with CEOs and even the president of the Philippines at that time. As we were thinking about our future as a family, we decided that it would be better for us to leave our home country. That was a hard and painful decision. We had the chance to choose which country we'd emigrate to: Canada, Japan, or New Zealand. We chose Canada.

We are fortunate to have this kind of opportunity. Many young individuals, even those with the capacity, skills, and willingness to further and improve their quality of life don't. And we know that we would not have this kind of opportunity without a good education. I wouldn't be where I am today if my parents chose not to provide me with the best education they could afford.

My wife and I both believe in the value and power of education. However, we also believe that our education system is flawed and focuses too much on grades. Grades and learning are two different things. And there are many important skills and learning experiences that are not given the time and resources they deserve.

But we shouldn't wait for things to be ideal before we decide to do good.

Our university and all educational institutions need additional sources of funding to support students. Too many smart and talented individuals find themselves missing out on opportunities just because they weren’t able to receive a good education—a fact which causes these young individuals to miss out in reaching their potential and helping make the world a better place.

I'm sure many of us wish the economy worked in a way that freed students from paying for their education. I believe that is possible and it can happen. But it's not something that will happen soon.

Right now, the fastest and easiest way to help our current and future students is to give to the Foundation.