Latest Collection of Tribute Awards Making a Difference at UWinnipeg

Thu. Apr. 21, 2022


Over the last year, we’ve seen a wide array of newly created tribute awards hit our virtual “shelves” ready for donors, community members, staff, faculty, and alumni to give towards. Those dedicated to supporting our students through the creation of memorial and in-honour awards continue to motivate our efforts here at the Foundation.

The Jim August Memorial Opportunity Fund, Dr. John Randall Hofley Entrance Award, Robert Thomas Byrnes Prize in Rhetoric and Composition, Roberta Rosenberg Dean's Continuing Scholarship, Lorette Lajoie Collegiate Memorial Scholarship, Dave Torz Memorial Prize, Mark Golden Scholarship, Henry Mak Award, Bonnycastle Opportunity Fund Bursary, and Vasyl (Bill) Balan International Students from Ukraine Bursary have all been created as a thoughtful gesture to remember loved ones and to ensure their legacy lives on. The latter of these funds has received a great deal of support in recent months given the current conflict.

As we work to bring these awards to life, we strive to learn a great deal about each fund’s namesake. The friends and family members looking to remember their past loved ones often come to the Foundation with a vision, one that builds on the accomplishments of the individual by incorporating the people, programs, and parts of our campus that were once near and dear to their hearts. Equally inspiring is the level of support and enthusiasm we see in the form of donations made through those whose lives were shaped by these former professors, colleagues, and community members. Every donation we receive stands as a testament to their dedication to our institution and our students.

In addition to the many impactful in memorial funds established, the Foundation is also stewarding two new funds made in honour of longtime UWinnipeg community members. The Susan A. Thompson Scholarship for Women in Leadership is a unique award is designed to help the next generation of aspiring female leaders succeed at UWinnipeg and beyond. For those who may not know, Susan was the first President and CEO of the Foundation from 2003-2011—a fact that makes this award all the more special for our team.

The Barry and Lynn Jones Wesmen Athletic Scholarship is the second half of our recently created pair of in-honour awards. Established by former staff member and alumae Lynn Jones and her late husband Barry, the scholarship that shares their names was designed to support UWinnipeg’s brightest and most talented athletes. Helping students enrolled in Wesmen sports across every court and field succeed in their studies was greatly important to Lynn and Barry, owing to the fact that their son played volleyball under the Wesmen banner throughout his undergraduate career.

Creating a lasting award is a task that relies both on the vision of those creating the fund and the individuals who support them financially. The Foundation team is humbled by the opportunity to coordinate these efforts, ensuring that each and every one of our awards, both new and old, have the opportunity to make a long-lasting impact is critically important to the success of our university, the health of our campus, and the strength of our programs. Honouring the remarkable people whose memory or legacy gives rise to new and exceptional scholarships and bursaries is a rewarding process that never gets old. 

For those of you who may be considering the idea of creating an award through the Foundation, or if you’re just interested in learning more about the process, feel free to call or email us at 204-786-9995 or We’re always open to hearing from our donors!

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