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Foundation donors, please tell us what you think!

Mon. Jun. 7, 2021

Listening is an art, and for a community-driven organization, an imperative. Opinions matter a great deal to all of us here at The University of Winnipeg Foundation. Beyond the distinct groups we serve, including faculty, staff, alumni, and students, there exists another facet of our community whose opinion governs both our day-to-day operations and our long-term plans for growth and success. The opinions of our donors shape the services we provide to those who give by helping draw attention to what works, as well as what needs improvement. The correspondence we send, the publications we show on our website, and the quality stewardship you receive as a donor, no matter how big or small, relies a great deal on your individual and communal feedback.

This month, we are excited to hear more from our donors through our latest survey initiative. Within the next week, we will be sending out a collection of surveys aimed at specific groups in order to gauge our recent progress and learn more about those who choose to give. In addition to providing donors with a space to voice their own opinion on an array of topics, each version of the survey will include a series of short answer questions related to Foundation performance in a variety of areas, chief among them being our stewardship practices and overall handling of the donation process from start to finish.

We hope that giving donors more opportunities to engage with our staff outside of the giving process will show how committed we are to improving and listening to our community. Every answer will be read with true interest and we will do our best to implement as many ideas as possible.

We look forward to learning how we can serve you better! Should you have any questions about our upcoming survey, or if you’d like to get in touch with us in a more direct manner, please feel free to reach out by phone at 204-786-9995 or by email at j.schwersensky@uwinnipeg.ca.



CEO and proud member of the UWF Team