Credit Institute of Canada

Faculty of Business and Economics

Welcome to the University of Winnipeg Credit Institute of Canada Students.

On this page you will find all of the information that you need to apply, register and participate in classes at the University of Winnipeg.

We offer two courses specifically for Credit Institute of Canada students:

Accounting Fundamentals - once a year in the Fall (September - December)

Corporate Finance I - once a year in the Winter (January - April)

Application Process

CIC - UW Application Process

Registration Process

Complete registration form

Return completed to Meite Timshel,

The Credit Institute of Canada has asked the University of Winnipeg to provide them with the final grades for CIC students who have taken BUS 2002 475 Financial Accounting and/or BUS 2819 475 Corporate Finance I.  In order for the university to release this information to CIC, we will need written authorization from each student.  Complete CIC FIPPA Form. Please ensure that you have:

  • included your name
  • UW Student Number (if known, if not known, please leave blank)
  • which courses you have taken
  • that it is signed and dated

Course Information

As you are aware this course is being offered via distance learning using the Nexus platform.  You can access Nexus from The University of Winnipeg website,, or you can go directly to the Nexus website:  You will require your username/password to access the nexus site, however please remember to change your temporary password (i.e. the password in your letter) in WebAdvisor ( before accessing Nexus.

For information on your Username/Password follow this link:  Do not attempt to access Nexus until the first day of your class.  If you cannot see your course information by the 2nd lecture contact Meita Timshel,  directly.

Deadline Dates

In an effort to ensure students can begin their course(s) on the first day of class, we ask that you adhere to the following deadlines:

Fall Term Deadline: August 15th

Winter Term Deadline: December 15th

Exam Invigilation

As this is a University of Winnipeg course, the exam is scheduled through our Student Records Office (SRO).  All information regarding the date and time for the exam should be found in your Nexus Course information.  You will receive an invigilation information sheet and the Invigilator agreement document from Meite Timshel following your registration in the courses.  These documents need to be completed and returned to SRO as indicated in order for the exam to be sent to your Invigilator.  Should you have any questions about this process please follow up with SRO as per the contact information on the forms.

Textbook Information

Textbook Information can be found on the University of Winnipeg bookstore website by selecting the term and course you are registering for.  Should you have any questions about alternate options for ordering your textbook please contact Meite Timshel, directly.

Withdrawal Information

Please check this Voluntary Withdrawal Schedule carefully for the correct dates.  This schedule will indicate the dates and refunds available.

Finally, please check your UW webmail account regularly as information about your course and information about the university will be sent to this email. If you do not check it regularly, please link it to the email that you do check.