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Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics
Dr. Hugh Grant
Office: 4BC59C
Phone: 204.786.9856
Email: h.grant@uwinnipeg.ca

Executive Assistant to the Dean/Manager of Budget and Operations
Chen Chen
Office: 4BC59B
Phone: 204.786.9872 
Email: c.chen@uwinnipeg.ca 

Academic Advisor
Christy Campbell
Office: 3BC11
Phone: 204.786.9990
Email: c.campbell@uwinnipeg.ca

Manager, Faculty Operations
Deanna Pereles
Office: 4BC59
Email: d.pereles@uwinnipeg.ca 

Program Manager, MiM/Access
Lilith Bauer
Office: 4BC59
Phone: 204.786.9840
Email: l.bauer@uwinnipeg.ca 

Business Development Officer
Adam Kozachuk
Office: 4BC59
Phone: 204.894.6337
Email: a.kozachuk@uwinnipeg.ca

Co-operative Education Coordinator
Chris Sale
Office: 4BC59
Phone: 204.982.1170
Email: c.sale@uwinnipeg.ca

Communications and Events Assistant
Emily Tham 
Office: 4BC59A
Phone: 204.786.9837
Email: em.tham@uwinnipeg.ca 

General Inquiries
Email: businessandeconomics@uwinnipeg.ca