Business & Administration




A very warm welcome to the Business & Administration Department. 

We offer students a solid foundation of business and management principles, including the fundamentals of accounting, human resources, marketing, strategy, and operations management. We pride ourselves on small class sizes, integrated and innovative teaching and learning styles, and helping students develop business-related skills.

Chair’s Message 

Welcome! It’s an exciting time of expansion and transformation in the Department. Based on the number of excellent students we engage with on a day-to-day basis, we are one of the largest Departments at the University.  That said, maintaining our reputation for teaching excellence across a dynamic range of courses in administration and management continues to be our top priority. In the classroom, we search for ways to think critically about current approaches, identify issues, and solve problems. We encourage you to check out the courses and programs that make up our BBA degrees: the 4-year BBA, Concentration or General Stream, the 3-year BBA, or our specialized 4-year BBA in Economics and Finance. 

Expanding our research capacity and profile is also something we take very seriously. In time, we will be outlining our research accomplishments here on this site. You will also be able to learn about individual staff members' research interests. All of this means that we bring the latest scientific evidence on management and organizations directly to the classroom

We value collaboration, respect, and stimulating the exchange of ideas. For prospective faculty and students, we offer a healthy, engaging environment with meaningful opportunities to advance our teaching and research while contributing to governance and service in the Department. We strive to apply research-based best practice approaches and to a climate of continuous improvement and creativity.

Rosalie Harms
Department Chair and Instructor 
Department of Business & Administration