Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (eBBA)

Faculty of Business and Economics

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers an Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (eBBA) that is designed to allow employees in management positions to work full-time while pursuing their three year degree part-time.

Admission Requirements:

  • Minimum three years of work experience
  • Completion of a Post-Secondary Certificate (or at least 9 credit hours of transferrable credit)

Please note: courses that are older than 10 years may not be given credit toward the eBBA degree.

The eBBA program courses are offered through a combination of online and evening classes. It offers students the flexibility to take their required courses as they need them. The eBBA program is structured where students will take one - two courses per term for all three terms (Fall, Winter and Spring) with a break from classes during July and August.

The eBBA program is run on a cohort basis and does not have a recurring yearly intake.

For further information on the eBBA program or any additional questions, please contact the eBBA Coordinator, Christy Campbell, or 204-786-9990.