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Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Doris Wolf Doris Wolf, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.789.1473
Office: 2A44
Building: Ashdown
Email: d.wolf@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Doris Wolf


Milan Omar Milan Omar, Department Assistant
Phone: 204.786.9292
Office: 2A48
Building: Ashdown
Email: m.omar@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Milan Omar


Ifeoluwa Adeniyi Ifeoluwa Adeniyi, Assistant Professor
Phone: 204.786.9314
Office: 3A16
Building: Ashdown
Email: i.adeniyi@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Ifeoluwa Adeniyi

Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.789.1476
Office: 2A45
Building: Ashdown Hall
Email: c.anyaduba@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba

Alyson Brickey Alyson Brickey, Assistant Professor
Building: Ashdown
Profile: Alyson Brickey

Andrew Burke Andrew Burke, Professor
Office: 2A30
Building: Ashdown
Email: a.burke@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Andrew Burke

Brandon Christopher Brandon Christopher, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9294
Office: 2A34
Building: Ashdown
Email: b.christopher@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Brandon Christopher

Bruno Cornellier Bruno Cornellier, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair (Cultural Studies)
Building: Ashdown
Email: b.cornellier@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Bruno Cornellier

Paul DePasquale Paul DePasquale, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9344
Office: 2A42
Building: Ashdown
Email: p.depasquale@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Paul DePasquale

Zbigniew Izydorczyk Zbigniew Izydorczyk, Professor
Phone: 204.786.9197
Office: 2A36
Building: Ashdown
Email: z.izydorczyk@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Zbigniew Izydorczyk

Celiese Lypka Celiese Lypka, Assistant Professor
Building: Ashdown
Email: c.lypka@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Celiese Lypka

Carla Manfredi Carla Manfredi, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9281
Office: 2A37
Building: Ashdown Hall
Email: ca.manfredi@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Carla Manfredi

Peter Melville Peter Melville, Professor
Phone: 204.786.9261
Office: 2A32
Building: Ashdown
Email: p.melville@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Peter Melville

Heather Milne Heather Milne, Professor
Phone: 204.789.1488
Email: h.milne@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Heather Milne

Sandy Pool Sandy Pool, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9332
Office: 2A35
Building: Ashdown
Email: s.pool@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Sandy Pool

Kathryn Ready Kathryn Ready, Professor
Phone: 204.786.9321
Office: 2A39
Building: Ashdown
Email: k.ready@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Kathryn Ready

Mavis Reimer Mavis Reimer, Dean of Graduate Studies; Professor, Department of English; Canada Research Chair in Young People’s Texts and Cultures, 2005-2015
Phone: 204.786.7625
Office: 1RC027
Building: Rice Building
Email: m.reimer@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Mavis Reimer

Candida Rifkind Candida Rifkind, Professor
Phone: 204.786.9198
Office: 2A38
Building: Ashdown
Email: c.rifkind@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Candida Rifkind

Colin Russell Colin Russell, Instructor and University Registrar
Phone: 204.786.9337
Office: 2Ri04
Building: Rice
Email: c.russell@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Colin Russell

Kerry Sinanan Kerry Sinanan, Assistant Professor
Phone: 204-786-9284
Email: k.sinanan@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Kerry Sinanan

Heather Snell Heather Snell, Associate Professor
Office: 2A31
Building: Ashdown
Email: h.snell@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Heather Snell

Catherine Tosenberger Catherine Tosenberger, Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9354
Office: 2A41
Building: Ashdown
Email: c.tosenberger@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Catherine Tosenberger

Kathleen Venema Kathleen Venema, Associate Professor
Building: Ashdown
Email: k.venema@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Kathleen Venema

Jenny Heijun Wills Jenny Heijun Wills, Professor
Profile: Jenny Heijun Wills

Lindsay Wong Lindsay Wong, Assistant Professor
Profile: Lindsay Wong

Contract Faculty

Steve Asselin Steve Asselin, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: s.asselin@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Steve Asselin

Jonathan Ball Jonathan Ball, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: j.ball@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Jonathan Ball

Melanie Braith Melanie Braith, Instructor
Phone: 204-786-9351
Office: 3C25
Building: Ashdown
Email: m.braith@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Melanie Braith

Di Brandt Di Brandt, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: d.brandt@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Di Brandt

Kirsty Cameron Kirsty Cameron, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: k.cameron@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Kirsty Cameron

Nora Decter Nora Decter, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: n.decter@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Nora Decter

Christina Fawcett Christina Fawcett, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: c.fawcett@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Christina Fawcett

Murray Leeder Murray Leeder, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: m.leeder@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Murray Leeder

Anna Leventhal Anna Leventhal, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: a.leventhal@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Anna Leventhal

Emily Maggiacomo Emily Maggiacomo, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: e.maggiacomo@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Emily Maggiacomo

Timothy Penner Timothy Penner, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: ti.penner@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Timothy Penner

Barry Pomeroy Barry Pomeroy, Instructor
Email: b.pomeroy@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Barry Pomeroy

James Scoles James Scoles, Instructor
Building: Ashdown
Email: j.scoles@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: James Scoles


Neil Besner Neil Besner, Professor Emeritus
Email: n.besner@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Neil Besner

Murray Evans Murray Evans, Professor Emeritus
Email: m.evans@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Murray Evans

Catherine Hunter Catherine Hunter, Senior Scholar
Email: c.hunter@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Catherine Hunter

Karen Malcolm Karen Malcolm
Email: k.malcolm@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Karen Malcolm

Perry Nodelman Perry Nodelman, Professor Emeritus
Profile: Perry Nodelman

Debbie Schnitzer Debbie Schnitzer, Professor Emeritus
Profile: Debbie Schnitzer

Margaret Sweatman Margaret Sweatman
Email: m.sweatman@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Margaret Sweatman