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All University of Winnipeg students are welcome to take any course in English providing they have the prerequisite or permission needed for the individual course. To satisfy the prerequisites for most Upper-Level English Courses, students must take 6 credit hours of First-Year English, including ENGL-1001(6) English 1 OR ENGL-1000/3 English 1A.

There are two ways to satisfy this requirement:

1) Take ENGL-1001(6) English 1 or
2) Take ENGL-1000/3-001 English 1A plus ONE of the following:
ENGL-1003/3 Introduction to English: Topics in Literature
ENGL-1004/3 Introduction to English: Reading Culture
ENGL-1005/3 Introduction to English: Reading to Write

A maximum of 6 credit hours of First-Year (1000-level) English courses may be used towards a Major in English.

English majors may choose among six different degree programs.  Students do not need to be "in" a particular specialization or program in order to take courses in it.

Interested English students should also investigate our MA Program in Cultural Studies. See the links at left.