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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I apply to the Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health and how much is the fee?

There is no application or fee to apply to Kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg. Once you are a student here you can declare your major in Kinesiology, select your program, and take the courses following the Academic Calendar.

2. How do I change my degree/major to Kinesiology?

The form to declare a Kinesiology major can be found in office 3D11. Alternatively, it can be completed electronically by going to Student Services Forms and selecting the BPHE/BKin major declaration. Once you have completed and signed the form using the program Adobe Reader, email it as a PDF attachment to kinesiology@uwinnipeg.ca. The form will be signed electronically by the department and sent to Registration.

3. What Academic Calendar Year do I put on my major declaration form?

The Academic Calendar Year you choose is the year containing the requirements a student must complete to earn a degree. Because degree requirements may change over time, a student may choose the year to utilize requirements from newer or older calendars that fit best with their academic record. Students may not select a catalog year from years prior to the year of admission to the University of Winnipeg.

4. What are the prerequisites to get in to Kinesiology?

We require no specific high school prerequisites. You must meet the entrance requirements to the University of Winnipeg. The Athletic Therapy program requires one of Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S or Applied Mathematics 40S.

5. What degrees/programs do you offer?

Our three programs are the 3 year Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, the 4 year Bachelor of Kinesiology, and the 4 year Bachelor of Science in Athletic Therapy (scroll down for more info on this degree). 

6. What are my options for Graduate and Master’s programs?

The Kinesiology Department at the University of Winnipeg offers no Graduate or Master’s programs at this time.

7. Who should I talk to in Kinesiology that can help me plan out my degree?

In July and August we offer a Kinesiology & Applied Health Summer Advising Schedule where faculty members will help advise students in planning their degree. For other times of the year, please visit Academic Advising to book an appointment. 

8. What is the cost of tuition?

Please click here for the University of Winnipeg tuition webpage.

9. Do you have residences at the University of Winnipeg?

Yes. The University of Winnipeg has embarked on a unique residence program which is comprised of newly renovated homes in the surrounding community within walking distance to the university.  For more information, please visit the university's website.

10. I am an international student interested in Kinesiology & Applied Health, who do I contact?

Please complete an Inquiry Form to Student Recruitment. They should be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

Four Year Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Athletic Therapy

Where can I find Information on the Four Year Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Athletic Therapy

Information on our Athletic Therapy Program and the application process can be found our Athletic Therapy Program page, for questions about the program please see our Athletic Therapy Program Frequently Asked Questions. 

Honours Program

1. Where can I find information on the Kinesiology Honours degree?

Information on our program and the application process can be found here.

2. When is the deadline for the application?

The deadline is June 30th of the year prior to the academic year of admission.

3. I’m in another Kinesiology stream, does that exclude me from the program?

In addition to the BKin. General, the Honours program is also open to students in the BKin. Sport Coaching and BSc. Exercise Science streams who started their degree prior to March 2020. Please note that regardless of which stream you choose to follow, when you graduate your degree will say "Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology". 

4. What happens if my GPA drops below the 3.0 minimum?

You will need to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in your kinesiology courses, this excludes courses from other departments. If your GPA falls below this, you will still get credit for the Honours courses you have completed to date as electives, but you would not graduate with Honours. 

5. Do I have the freedom to pick which professor I would like to work alongside?

Yes, as long as they are part of the full-time regular faculty in the Kinesiology and Applied Health department, they can be your supervisor. 

If you have further questions please email kinesiology@uwinnipeg.ca.