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Faculty Members

Department Chair

Danielle Defries, PhD. Danielle Defries, PhD., Chair
Phone: 204.258.3037
Office: 3D09
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: d.defries@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Danielle Defries, PhD.


Glen Bergeron, PhD., CAT(C) Glen Bergeron, PhD., CAT(C)
Phone: 204.786.9190
Office: 3D10
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: g.bergeron@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Glen Bergeron, PhD., CAT(C)

Jeff Billeck,  MSc., CAT(C) Jeff Billeck, MSc., CAT(C)
Phone: 204.258.2969
Office: 0D52
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: j.billeck@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Jeff Billeck, MSc., CAT(C)

Melanie Gregg, PhD. Melanie Gregg, PhD.
Phone: 204.786.9820
Office: 2Ax34
Building: Axworthy Health and RecPlex
Email: m.gregg@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Melanie Gregg, PhD.

Aman Hussain, PhD. Aman Hussain, PhD.
Phone: 204.786.9056
Office: 3D24
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: am.hussain@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Aman Hussain, PhD.

Gerren McDonald. MSc., CEP,  EMC II Gerren McDonald. MSc., CEP, EMC II
Phone: 204.789.1408
Office: 2Ax33
Building: Axworthy Health and RecPlex
Email: g.mcdonald@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Gerren McDonald. MSc., CEP, EMC II

Larry McKay Larry McKay
Phone: 204.786.9238
Office: 1D39
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: l.mckay@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Larry McKay

Yannick Molgat-Seon, PhD. Yannick Molgat-Seon, PhD.
Phone: 204.988.7640
Office: 3D16
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: y.molgat-seon@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Yannick Molgat-Seon, PhD.

Valerie Pelleck, MSc., CAT(C) Valerie Pelleck, MSc., CAT(C)
Phone: 204.786.9881
Office: 3D14
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: v.pelleck@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Valerie Pelleck, MSc., CAT(C)

Robert Pryce, PhD., CAT(C) Robert Pryce, PhD., CAT(C)
Phone: 204.786.9341
Office: 3D26
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: r.pryce@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Robert Pryce, PhD., CAT(C)

Natalie Richer, PhD. Natalie Richer, PhD.
Phone: 204-998-7637
Office: 3D22
Building: Duckworth
Email: n.richer@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Natalie Richer, PhD.

Andrea Smith, MSc. Andrea Smith, MSc.
Phone: 204.786.9022
Office: 3D20
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: a.smith@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Andrea Smith, MSc.

David Telles-Langdon, PhD., ChPC. David Telles-Langdon, PhD., ChPC.
Phone: 204.786.9248
Office: 2Ax31
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: d.telles-langdon@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: David Telles-Langdon, PhD., ChPC.

Ben Trunzo, MSc., CAT(C) Ben Trunzo, MSc., CAT(C)
Phone: 204.786.9249
Office: 3D28
Building: Duckworth Centre
Email: b.trunzo@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Ben Trunzo, MSc., CAT(C)

Adjunct Faculty

Thomas Hammond, DPsyc, MBA, MSc. Thomas Hammond, DPsyc, MBA, MSc.
Email: t.hammond@uwinnipeg.ca
Profile: Thomas Hammond, DPsyc, MBA, MSc.