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3 year Bachelor of Physical and Health Education

Bachelor of Physical and Health Education

The three year major was designed for students wishing to pursue a career in teaching. These students would take the required courses as per their chosen level they wish to teach in the school system (early, middle or senior years). In the third year of study, students would apply to the faculty of Education for a two year after degree. The student would have both a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Education.

Some students choose to use the three year degree as an entry level degree to other professional degrees such as the Master degree in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medicine and Physicians Assistant program to name a few. You should be aware that a three year degree is less competitive than a 4 year degree and most universities now offer four year degrees only.

Suggested Course Map [PDF]

Integrated BEd/BPHE degree

Students, who are convinced that teaching physical education in the school system is their career of choice, may want to consider the integrated BPHE/Bed program.  This course of study involves taking a combination of Kinesiology and Education courses throughout the five years of study (same as if you were doing the after degree program).  You would still select the school level you wish to teach and the corresponding required Kinesiology courses.  The benefits are that you are immersed in the school setting much earlier in your program so that you can get a first hand look at the teaching profession.  You get much more classroom experience which will be beneficial after graduation.  You also have the opportunity to make many more contacts in the schools system that goes a long way to future employment. For more information about the integrated program, go to:

For more information regarding the education program please visit. www.uwinnipeg.ca/education

If you would like more information regarding prerequisites or degree requirements for the 3 year Bachelor of Physical and Health Education please refer to the Academic Calendar.

If you have further questions please email kinesiology@uwinnipeg.ca